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On the way to the airport or Road to the Airport or Gonghang-ganeun Gil (2017)

Choi Soo-ah is a flight attendant and her husband, Park Jin-seok is a captain. The both work for the same airline These two are very busy, so busy that they can’t possibly take care of their only daughter. On her … Continue reading

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I am Sam or A-i Em Saem (2007)

Jang Yi-san is a geeky, a bit slow, timide and full of good intentions school teacher at the problematic classroom 8. Shin So-yi is an art teacher at the same school. She likes Yi-san and he likes her but since … Continue reading

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The art of seduction (2005)

Han Ji-won is a beautiful banker, Seo Min-jun is a handsome architect. They are both experts at the art of seduction and they never fail. These two meet and although they find each other attractive, they are locked in a … Continue reading

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Please Teach Me English or Yeongeo Wanjeon Jeongbok (2003)

Allow me to warn you in advance, this is a horrible movie. It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy but the characters are shallow and undeveloped so you don’t feel any sympathy for any of them and the story line … Continue reading

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Winter sonata or Gyeoul Yeonga (2002)

Let me just say this, this is supposed to be a classic drama. It was a big success in Korea and Japan and it’s still shown all over in re-runs. In the island where it was shot, there are signs … Continue reading

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Hyena (2006)

I’ve watched the adorable “A gentleman’s dignity” just before I’ve watched this and although there are four guys there and also here, the two series couldn’t be more different. Hyena is like AGD’s evil brother and not in a cool, … Continue reading

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Seducing Mr. perfect or Seducing Mr. Robin (2006)

Yikes! What a horrible movie, the only ray of light there is sweet Daniel Henney and not for his acting but for his beauty and grace. It’s the story of Min-june, who is someone that men always break up with … Continue reading

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Boys over flowers or Hana Yori Dango (2009)

This series is quite a phenomena althouh I really don’t know why. Perhaps reading the manga or watching the Japaneese version will shed some light on the mystery but I don’t have the time or the energy to find out. … Continue reading

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