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Entertainer or Ttanttara (2016)

Shin Suk-ho is a director at KTOP and is also on the verge of launching his small entertainment company. He plans on leaving KTOP and taking the famous “Jackson” boy-band with him. “Jackson” is a band that Suk-ho helped to … Continue reading

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My PS partner or Whatcha wearin’? or Naui P.S. pateuneo(2012)

Hyun-seun is sadly, still very much in love with So-yeon, his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that some time has passed since their breakup. After a party, where he found out that she was dating someone else and all of his … Continue reading

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Kill me, Heal me or Kilmi, Hilmi (2015)

This series, suspiciously resembles “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” but I like it better. Cha Do-hyun, a young and handsome rich heir, has been living abroad because of his DID (dissociative identity disorder). His condition has led him to distrust people and … Continue reading

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