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The Great Seungri – Seungri

Seungri deserves a whole page dedicated to him alone so I’ll just say that I’ve approached this album cautiously at first. As Taeyang once stated, Seungri loves trance, as a DJ he’s been into EDM and his singing parts in … Continue reading

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Choi Seung-hyun (AKA T.O.P)

I know that I’ve written about him before but this is my place and I will do as I please, so there. The past few days were really hard for me and for other fans of BIGBANG and T.O.P. I … Continue reading

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Kang Dae-sung or Daesung or D-Lite (Big bang)

When I was in high-school, I had a classmate who was always smiling. I’ve met her again, about two years ago in a class reunion and when I’ve told her that I remember her always laughing, she said:”If only you knew … Continue reading

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T.O.P and the army

In Two more days, T.O.P will return to being Choi Seung-hyun again and enlist to the army. I will say a few words about this because what I see online, regarding this, makes me unhappy. T.O.P is the first one … Continue reading

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Two versions – I love you (2NE1)

Yes, boys and girls, it is time for yet another two versions post. As 2NE1’s fate is still undecided after Minzy’s departure (hopefully, they will stay together), I thought that posting this song would be just the right thing. So, … Continue reading

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It was on the 19th of August, 2006 that “Bigbang” has officially debuted so today they are celebrating Ten years of performing together. Who are “Bigbang”, you ask? “Bigbang” is a group of five guys who, after ten years together … Continue reading

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Seung-hyun or T.O.P (Bigbang)

Funnily enough, the first time that I’ve seen T.O.P was in a “Secret garden” parody. This was some time before I knew that there is a band called “Bigbang” and was sure that these guys had a TV show where … Continue reading

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