Kang Dae-sung or Daesung or D-Lite (Big bang)

When I was in high-school, I had a classmate who was always smiling.
I’ve met her again, about two years ago in a class reunion and when I’ve told her that I remember her always laughing, she said:”If only you knew how much pain was behind my smile.”

When I first started watching “Big bang” interviews, I thought that Daesung was ugly.
I’ve watched the documentary which was made before their debut and Daesung was this thin kid with bad skin and a high voice.
He seemed to be very timid and introvert and he told a story about his dad that made me think that he had a very hard time at home.
Smiling means “I am friendly and mean no harm. Please love me.” but it also means “There is nothing wrong, see? I am smiling so all is well.”
The fact that he was always smiling, to the point where he freaked out G-dragon and made T.O.P annoyed, gave me the impression that he was used to hiding his feeling from others and dealing with his problems on his own.

This feeling was confirmed after I’ve watched other videos and interviews with the group, in which they’ve admitted that although Daesung is someone that is a good listener and they can speak with him about eberything, they know him the least.

What’s more, the narrator of the “Big bang” documentary, had no problem with telling the audience that YG’s employees used to refer to Daesung as the ugly kid.
I don’t know what kind of self esteem Daesung had at that point but I’m sure that it wasn’t much fun, knowing that people thought of him as ugly.
On the other hand though, the narrator also said that right from the beginning, Daesung was the most popular member of the group among the fan girls.
My guess is that it was his smile.
Daesung said on “Come to play” that he was told that he was chosen to be a YG trainee because of his smile but I find that hard to believe, considering his great voice and his dancing talent.

I watched other shows and interviews and as time passed, I found that Daesung was one of these rare people who becomes really attractive with time, without changing anything about his facial features.
In my family, we call these kind of people – The beautiful uglies.
These are people who might not have perfect features but they have this magic and charm that makes them irresistible when you watch them.
They become beautiful and attractive.

What makes Daesung so attractive?
He has a great voice, he’s a great dancer, he knows how to play the drums and that makes him really cool, singing while drumming is not as easy as he makes it look.
He is a really funny guy and a brilliant comic, I would love to see him acting in a movie or a series (I’m just about to start watching “What’s up”, so stay tuned for the review :)).
Apart from all of these, he has no problem laughing at his own expense, which I adore.
As T.O.P mentioned in an early video, Daesung likes to read and I am a librarian so yes, he gets extra points for expanding his mind :* .
Last but not least, I love him dearly because from what I’ve seen, he is the only member of “Big bang” who didn’t do anything to him face, surgically wise.
You can argue but it’s obvious that Seungri, Taeyang, T.O.P and G-dragon had different noses when they were younger.
It’s also obvious that although they don’t look so different from what they’ve looked like before, they still look much better.
Daesung looks almost the same as he did in the debut videos with one big difference though, he has a killer body now.
He didn’t fix his nose or his teeth, he took good care of his skin so it looks smooth and amazing now and he worked out.

I know that he had problem with his voice and was plagued by stage fright because of it.
I know that after his accident, he locked himself in his dorm room and didn’t want to see anyone. He admitted that he thought of ending his life.
G-dragon said that Daesung is the kind of person who will never take the credit when things go well but will always blame himself when things go badly, Taeyang said that Deasung is wise beyond his years, T.O.P said that Daesung is very smart, Seungri said that Daesung is like a grandmother, always worrying and taking care of group members.

I don’t know what Daesung thinks of himself but I suspect that he is still his worst critic.
It’s obvious that he is a very hard worker but when he talks of his skills he always makes them seem less than they are, saying that he can’t really dance and that his voice is humble and weak.

Hi there Daesung, you are a great dancer, you have an amazing voice, your drumming kicks ass.
You are smart, so smart that you are the only one of Big bang who doesn’t have an account on any of the social platforms and so you save yoursel from the idiocy of some people, who can’t control their desires and their tongues.
(In a recent interview to Anan Magazine, Daesung said that he did open an Instagram account at one point, just out of curiosity but never really used it because he finds little interest in experiencing life through the lens of a camera instead of looking at the real thing.
If this isn’t a smart way of living, I don’t know what is.)
You are so very funny, you can’t really learn that kind of funny… even if you claim that you’ve learned it from T.O.P.
You are not a copycat, you are the original thing with all your wrong and all of your rights.
You are beautiful, really and truly and as time goes by, you just get handsomer.

Here is Daesung, singing a 2NE1 song called “Ugly”.
I like this version because it takes courage to sing such a song when you were once considered to be the ugly kid of your group and perhaps, you still feels this way from time to time and also, this gives Daesung the chance to sing Rock and he is really good at it.


I added this because, well, because Daesung seems to be not only a great singer and performer but also a good support system to people, another good example (although on a different level, since these people are best friends and group mates) the way Daesung takes care of T.O.P.
Dara wanted to learn to drum, YG objected (Pfff, really. What’s up with him?) but Deasung supported and encouraged her to try.

For me, by the way, trying to stop someone from discovering his talents because… what? She is a woman, looks delicate and it can “hurt her image”? is a sign of narrow mindedness, so boo to you on this, YG.
From @daesungfishh

Daesung’s interview on Anan magazine  as translated and posted on Twitter by Marie

A snippet from Daesung’s interview with Bijin Hyakka, April 2017 edition, as translated by Twitter’s @mshinju (Marie) and scanned by Twitter’s @daefight (DaeFight_姜大声大发站) .

The full interview


Daesung’s message to Big bang’s fans on the group’s 10th anniversary, as translated by Twitter’s mshinju and posted by FaceBook’s VIP Universe

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