T.O.P and the army

In Two more days, T.O.P will return to being Choi Seung-hyun again and enlist to the army.
I will say a few words about this because what I see online, regarding this, makes me unhappy.

T.O.P is the first one of his group to enlist so his enlistment marks the first of Four other enlistments and the end of “Bigbang” performances as a group for a few years.
It’s really a big, big thing for a group like “Bigbang”, who has millions of fans all over the world and has been so active and famous and of course, it’s a big deal for the fans.
The other members will be busy for a while with their solo careers, there are Three new CDs due from Taeyang, GD and Seungri, and Daesung is to perform in Japan.
From this year on, each member of “Bigbang” will enlist to the army when his time comes.

As one who has served Two years in the army, in an army group, I can say that enlisting is not great fun but it’s not a big tragedy either, especially if you know what you are going to do as a soldier.
I enlisted when I was 18, T.O.P is 30.
There is a huge difference between a carefree 18 year old, who has just finished high-school and has no responsibilities and a guy who has a blooming career and millions of fans.
He has his routine that has been going on for years and years and now, he has to give it up.
Change is scary, especially as you get older, and with the tension between South and North Korea, it’s logical to be worried and afraid.
It’s also logical that if he walks around the streets of Seoul as a cop, he will get some attention that might make his service a bit more difficult than the other cops.
He might be worried about what will happen when he comes back, since fans love can be fickle, although there are so many fans who love him and will be waiting for him.
He is also obviously emotional these days.
So what am I angry about?
I’m angry about the people who treat him like a poor baby who is just about to break down.
I am angry at the fans who love him so much but don’t give him one ounce of credit for being a grownup, who will do his duty and do it well.
He is 30 years old, he has managed his affairs very well, he is very smart and capable and there is no doubt that he might get lonely and even sad or scared because he is only human, but he will manage.
He is not going to the ends of the world, he is going to be in Seoul and so, I’m sure that he will have at least few opportunities to see group members, friends and family. He will not be all alone.
Since T.O.P will be busy with training and doing his job, the people who will suffer most are the people waiting for him and not him, so please, stop the pity fest.

Other than this, I really cringed when I read people getting excited over the photos and videos of him crying during a show.
It’s not amusing, it’s not tragic either. He is emotional, just let him be.

People have said that since he has a history of depression, it’s evident that he will be depressed over enlisting and I say, if he is depressed, you are only making it worst by harping on an on about it and weeping on his Instagram page.
If he is depressed, he needs your love and support, not your constant reminders of what is soon to be.
Encourage him, don’t make him feel like this is the end of the world.

T.O.P has decided to enlist privately, without greeting the fans or media.
I think that considering the way fans are reacting to his enlistment, it’s a very wise choice and who needs all of these cameras in his face?
For once he will be where cameras are not allowed, such a relief.
I’m pretty sure that there will be fans waiting for him all the same, because fans do as they please.
I will miss this unique individual for the time that he will not post and will wait for his return.
Be safe, wonderful T.O.P, my ears will miss your special voice.

The Nonsan training camp winter schedule

T.O.P’s army enlistment, service and discharge schedule

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