It was on the 19th of August, 2006 that “Bigbang” has officially debuted so today they are celebrating Ten years of performing together.

Who are “Bigbang”, you ask?

“Bigbang” is a group of five guys who, after ten years together are still performing and are not only famous all over Asia but are also expending their reign over Europe, the states and who knows where else.

I’ll make a brief introduction to those who do not know them:
Kwon Ji-yong or G-dragon is the leader of the group.
Most groups, depend heavily if not entirely on other writers and composers but Big bang have control over their songs and G-dragon is involved in the writing, composing, and producing of many of the songs, with the other members of big bang co-writing some of the material (T.O.P, for example, writes his rap parts on his own).
G-dragon was a trainee for ten years (six of which, in YG) before his debut with big band and was the only member who was invited to be part of the YG family, whereas the others had to audition.
It would be safe to say that the group made it big, thanks to G-dragon’s huge talent.
I am not a big fan of G-dragon’s singing voice but it is unique, very recognizable and he is a great rapper.
G-dragon is also one of these people who makes dancing seem effortless, what nerve 😀 .
Other than that, G-dragon is known for his great sense of style.
I am not a very stylish person and there are some outfits that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing (I’ve just seem a video clip of him, wearing a huge coat. There was another clip where he was wearing something that looked like a garbage bag) but as in other areas of life, there is success and there are fails.
Dong Young-bae or Taeyang (AKA Sol) and G-dragon met when Taeyang joined YG, they were suppose to debut together as a duo but ended up as part of a group.
Since they went through many hardships as kid trainees, there’s a strong bond between Taeyang and G-dragon. In fact, Taeyang refers to G-dragon as his one and only friend.
Taeyang has a great voice and a great, crazy sense of humor.
He is a great dancer and is known for his warm smile and personality.
Members of Big band have said that he is the balance and the peace keeper of the group, he is the one that everyone comes to when there is a problem or when they need to talk and he always settles things down.
As for me, Taeyang seem to be the sanest one of them all, he is the only one who doesn’t have some rumor of scandal haunting him and he is not afraid of T.O.P :D.
Taeyang in jokingly known as “The one who is allergic to shirts”.
My friend was wondering why he had to be shirtless for the “Nose, eyes, lips” video clip *but I couldn’t answer her.
In any case, he has a great body and he can take his shirt off, if it makes him happy. The fans seem to like it and so do I.
Choi Seung-hyun or T.O.P, Bigbang’s rapper (along with G-dragon), is the eldest of the gang but also the youngest when it comes to liking sweets, making jokes and being goofy.
T.O.P has a low and raspy voice, I must say that such a low voice is a delight to hear since many Korean singers, have high voices.
Just as G-dragon, T.O.P is also known for his great sense of style and also for his great love of art.
As opposed to “No shirt” Taeyang, T.O.P is not likely to expose any part of his body, it has actually became a THING with his fans, who discuss excitingly every bit of exposed skin that the man has shown, purposely or accidently.
I can’t understand why T.O.P is not singing more, he is mostly rapping but has a very nice singing voice and if I may say so (or even if I may not), for me, he is one of the two best singers of the group, along with Daesung.
Other than rapping and singing, T.O.P is also an actor on series and movies. I have yet to see any of them (I am such a rotten fan :D).
Kang Dae-sung or Daesung (AKA D-lite) is one of the two younger group members.
What can I say about him?
He has a great voice, he is a great dancer, he is very funny and smart.
What else? I don’t know much about it but it looks like he grew up with a very dominating father.
G-dragon said in a variety show called “Healing camp” that Daesung is a person who will never give himself credit when things go right and will always blame himself if something goes wrong.
He also seem to keep his problems to himself, as a few group members said, he is the one person that they don’t know too much about.
In any case, he is very endearing and I always feel like I want to hug him, although he will probably not like the idea too much 😀 .
Lee Seung-hyun or Seungri (AKA V.I) is the youngest of the group but that doesn’t really stop him :D.
Seungri is a great dancer, a good singer and I did watch him in “Angel eyes” but do not remember much about it so I don’t have much to say about his acting there but he is so funny and adorable when he is filmed.
He has a truly amazing imitating talent.
I have actually seen the effort on his face when his hyungs are messing with him and I’ve even seen his hurt when told that he is a slave, by someone that he looks up to.
He is a funny guy who worries his group members because no one knows what he is going to talk about or tell in interviews 😀 .

I must say that up until now, I’ve heard quite a lot of groups and I like “Bigbang” the best.
They make a strong team, full of energy and talent.
It’s not only for the music that I like those guys, they are also very amusing and it’s great fun to watch them interviewed.

*Now, I can answer her. He is shirtless in that video because he wanted to express the feeling of being naked not only physically but also mentally and speak of his feelings without any barriers between him and the viewer and listener.
At least, that’s what he said when asked about it 🙂 .

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