Choi Seung-hyun (AKA T.O.P)

I know that I’ve written about him before but this is my place and I will do as I please, so there.
The past few days were really hard for me and for other fans of “Bigbang” and T.O.P.
I will not get into the whole ugly mess because you can easily find everything on-line but I will say something that needs to be said.
I can only speak of myself but, T.O.P is important for me simply because he makes me happy.
I love his singing and rapping voice, I love the way he moves, I like the way he writes (I am eagerly awaiting a solo CD), I like his jokes and the way he carefully choses his words when he speaks.
I love the way he is unstoppable when he starts doing silly things, I like the way he is serious when he talks and deals with the things that he loves, like art.
I’ve started off watching “Bigbang” interviews and the first thing that I remember is T.O.P with his crazy blue hair, sitting on the presenter’s lap.
When he was asked why he did it, he didn’t know.
He made me curious and then I’ve heard “Doom dada” and realized that this man is brilliant.

Right now, at this moment, T.O.P’s health situation is unknown – His doctors claim that he is asleep, the police claims that he was conscious when he arrived to the hospital and his mother just said that he was unconscious and he still is.
I’m not a medical expert but yesterday was a nightmare for me and today promises to be the same exact way.
I’m not a religious person, so I can just address any power that exists in this univers and beg it to bring T.O.P back to us, because he is one of a kind and when you are one of a kind, you should be guarded like a precious jewel.

I can only hope for the best and wonder how can it be, that a talented young leader, such as T.O.P found himself in such a situation.
Why was he treated like a criminal when all that he did was smoke weed and why wasn’t he taken to the hospital after he was first found and couldn’t open his eyes?

I love you Choi Seung-hyun, you strange and beautiful person.
I want you to be well, I want you to come back to us. Please.

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