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My little bride or Eorin sinbu (2004)

Bo-eun‘s and Sang-min‘s grandparents were best friends. They vowed that one day, their kids will get married but since they both had sons, the promise carried on to the next generation. In a moment of weakness, Bo-eun surrenders to her … Continue reading

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I do, I do (2012)

This is a sweet drama, not too sweet but also not one that turns into a stupid thriller or a tear soaked fest all of a sudden. It’s just an enjoyable romantic drama. Hwang Ji-ahn is a hotshot shoe designer … Continue reading

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Worlds Within or The World That They Live In or Geudeuli Saneun Sesang (2008)

Two production directors who used to date in college, get back together and try to mix work with pleasure. Joo Joon-young, is a young production director from a rich family. Her dramas are regarded as beautiful but cold and her … Continue reading

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Super Rookie or Sin-ip Sa-won (2005)

Oh my goodness, this series is so funny and different. Although it was made in 2005, it doesn’t have that outdated feel like other old series have (“Winter sonata”, for example) and it’s just fun to watch. It’s the story … Continue reading

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Shanghai Calling (2012)

Since I’ve already watched “Seducing Mr. perfect” which was stupid and made me doubt Daniel Henney’s acting ability, I had to give him one more chance. This is an American movie, not a Korean one so although it takes part … Continue reading

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Personal taste or Kaeinui Chwihyang (2010)

It’s a sweet ย and enjoyable romantic comedy although, as usual with Korean dramas, not everything makes sense but it’s all for the sake of pushing the couple together so it’s forgivable ๐Ÿ˜€ . Gae-in, is a messy and kind hearted … Continue reading

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