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In between chubby Sam-soon and skinny Ji-ahn (My lovely Sam-soon, I do I do)

A note before we begin, when I’ve first watched “My lovely Sam-soon”, many years ago, I thought that Sam-soon was really pretty and thin. I didn’t understand what the whole fuss was about the actress gaining weight to play the … Continue reading

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I do, I do (2012)

This is a sweet drama, not too sweet but also not one that turns into a stupid thriller or a tear soaked fest all of a sudden. It’s just an enjoyable romantic drama. Hwang Ji-ahn is a hotshot shoe designer … Continue reading

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My lovely Sam-soon or My name is Kim Sam-soon or Nae ireumeun Kim Sam-soon (2005)

I adore this series and I’ve watched it countless times over the years. As I understood, this series created quite a buzz because there weren’t too many series about women over 30 at that time and the star, Kim Sun-ah … Continue reading

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