I do, I do (2012)

This is a sweet drama, not too sweet but also not one that turns into a stupid thriller or a tear soaked fest all of a sudden.
It’s just an enjoyable romantic drama.
Hwang Ji-ahn is a hotshot shoe designer in a big company.
She is very ambitious and her life is dedicated to her work, so much so that she forgets her father’s birthday.
Ji-ahn is a happy bachelorette who isn’t really interested in getting married and even the fact that she is going through early menopause in her late thirties doesn’t change her mind about marriage and kids.
Park Tae-kang is in his twenties and working with his father at making and selling knock-off designer shoes, including some of Ji-ahn’s designs.
Tae-kang’s mother has passed away giving birth to him and his father is the one who brought him up while making many sacrifices.
Despite not having an easy and comfortable life, Tae-kang is always doing his best to look happy and content, as to not make his father worried and make him happy.
He is not interested in going to university and spends the money that his father saved for his studies on a motorcycle that he names Beyoncé :D.
On his first ride on Beyoncé, he almost hits Ji-ahn who has crossed the road without looking.
The motorcycle is a total loss and Ji-ahn promises to compensate Tae-kang and runs off but he follows her, find out where she works and is even a witness to an unpleasant scene between her and her parents at the train station.
The compensation ends up being dinner and alcohol and the strange couple, ends up getting wasted and having sex.
For Ji-ahn it’s a night that she would rather forget everything about but it was Tae-kang’s first time and he falls in love with her.
Tae-kang is looking for a job, he competes in a shoe designing challenge, held by Ji-ahn’s shoe company, wins first price and starts working at the company, which makes Ji-ahn uncomfortable..
Since he didn’t study, the other designers treat him with contempt and instead of studying how to become a designer, he is being treated as a gopher and also has to clean after everybody.
To win her parents forgiveness, Ji-ahn agrees to go on an arranged date with Jo Eun-sung, a young and successful gynaecologist, obstetrician and a big womanizer.
Eun-sung is also not interested in getting married and is using all kinds of methods in order to make women escape the arranged dates that his parents arrange for him.
Despite his attempts, Ji-ahn is too smart for his tricks but then again, she herself is also not interested in getting married and the date ends with the young and handsome doctor feeling attracted to her.
Despite the cold shoulder that he is getting, Tae-kang is curious about Ji-ahn and is supporting and helping her but she has already made up her mind to date Eun-sung.
Despite being in the early stages of menopause, a miracle has happened and Tae-kang has impregnated Ji-ahn but she is not interested in a baby that will disturb her life and career but despite having all the arrows pointing to abortion, she can’t make up her mind.
After the first shock, Eun-sung convinces Ji-ahn to have the baby and despite not being interested in marriage in the beginning, he finds that the fact that Ji-ahn is not running after him like most women do, is a turn on and despite being rejected time and again, he falls for her and is even ready to marry her and adopt the baby.
Despite this offer being a possible way to save herself from a public scandal that can cost her, her job, Ji-an refuses the offer.
Enters Yeom Na-ri, the beautiful and young daughter of the company’s chairman and the vice president of the company.
Na-ri has high hopes of becoming the president of the company one day but her stepmother has other plans.
Since she is the daughter of a mistress, she is treated badly by the first wife, who wants Ji-ahn to be the next president… that is until she finds out that she is pregnant and is going to be a single mother. I wonder who was the one who has told her about it?
The only thing that I find disturbing in this drama, is the fact that Lee Jang-woo, the actor who plays the part of Tae-kang, looks like a fifteen year old kid (although he was in his twenties when this drama was made) and it made me feel that perhaps Ji-ahn better not put her trust and her life in the hands of this kid who is still struggling with acne and exams.
Despite it all though, Tae-kang is such a positive character that it’s hard to resist him, even if Sun-ah looks more like his mother, than his lover.
Tae-kang is smiling, supportive, loving and withstands all of the insults and rejection.
He is an honest guy and despite not going to university, he is doing his best to study hard and succeed so that he can prove that he is a man worthy of being a partner to Ji-ahn and a father to her baby.
Other than the strange lovers, there is also Tae-kang’s relationship with his father and the funny rivalry between him and Eun-sung that turns in the end into friendship.
It’s an enjoyable drama about an interesting love story between a young man and an older woman and it’s not cheesy or overly romantic.
The acting is good, there are touching moments but there are also funny ones so it’s a really fun drama to watch.

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