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Wild romance or Nan-pok-han Ro-maen-seu (2012)

Park Mu-yeol is a baseball player for the “Red dreamers”, he has a bad temper and a club of haters. Yoo Eun-jae is a tomboy bodyguard who along with her brother and father, are die hard fans of the “Blue … Continue reading

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Please Teach Me English or Yeongeo Wanjeon Jeongbok (2003)

Allow me to warn you in advance, this is a horrible movie. It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy but the characters are shallow and undeveloped so you don’t feel any sympathy for any of them and the story line … Continue reading

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Worlds Within or The World That They Live In or Geudeuli Saneun Sesang (2008)

Two production directors who used to date in college, get back together and try to mix work with pleasure. Joo Joon-young, is a young production director from a rich family. Her dramas are regarded as beautiful but cold and her … Continue reading

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Story of the first king’s four gods or Legend or Taewangsashingi (2007)

This series is partly based on a legend, myth and history. It starts with a story of war between two tribes: The tiger clan a warrior tribe has conquered and assimilated all other tribes on earth apart from the bear … Continue reading

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Blade man or Iron man or Aieonmaen or 아이언맨(2014)

Yet another new-ish drama featuring my beloved and talented Lee Dong-wook (or wookie, as some of his fans call him). Let me start with a warning, this is not one of the better dramas and it was a big disappointment … Continue reading

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Hanoi bride or Bride from Hanoi or Hanoi Sinbu (2005)

As you might have noticed, I’m on a Lee Dong-wook wave these days, what can I do? This is a short drama, only two chapters but as opposed to Kang-goo’s story, it’s not as good nor is it moving. Park … Continue reading

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The perfect couple or Choigang romaenseu (2007)

A movie with the Lee Dong-wook. Kang Jae-hyuk is a detective, Choi Soo-jin is a less than graceful journalist. Soon-jin accidentally stabs Jae-hyuk with a tempura skewer while he is chasing drug dealers and that’s how they first meet. The … Continue reading

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