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The strange case of “Kill me, Heal me”and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” (2015)

I’ve watched “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” a while back and although it was watchable, it wasn’t amazing, despite the cool plot and Hyun Bin in the lead. I saw a few comments about how similar the plot is, to another series … Continue reading

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Bubblegum or Pungseonkkeom (2015)

Park Ri-hwan has a private western medicine clinic. Kim Haeng-ah is a radio show producer. These two are best friends and even grew up together in the same house, after Haeng-ah’s parents have died. Ri-hwan’s mother, Park Sun-young, is afraid that … Continue reading

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Wild romance or Nan-pok-han Ro-maen-seu (2012)

Park Mu-yeol is a baseball player for the “Red dreamers”, he has a bad temper and a club of haters. Yoo Eun-jae is a tomboy bodyguard who along with her brother and father, are die hard fans of the “Blue … Continue reading

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Blade man or Iron man or Aieonmaen or 아이언맨(2014)

Yet another new-ish drama featuring my beloved and talented Lee Dong-wook (or wookie, as some of his fans call him). Let me start with a warning, this is not one of the better dramas and it was a big disappointment … Continue reading

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Hanoi bride or Bride from Hanoi or Hanoi Sinbu (2005)

As you might have noticed, I’m on a Lee Dong-wook wave these days, what can I do? This is a short drama, only two chapters but as opposed to Kang-goo’s story, it’s not as good nor is it moving. Park … Continue reading

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The perfect couple or Choigang romaenseu (2007)

A movie with the Lee Dong-wook. Kang Jae-hyuk is a detective, Choi Soo-jin is a less than graceful journalist. Soon-jin accidentally stabs Jae-hyuk with a tempura skewer while he is chasing drug dealers and that’s how they first meet. The … Continue reading

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Hotel King (2014)

Oh boy, what a great series. Thirty two chapters of suspense and great acting (most of the time). The story begins with two young boys, Hyun-woo or Jayden who is Eleven and Ju-han who is seven. These two are forced … Continue reading

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