Love for a thousand more or Cheonnyeonjjae yeon-aejung or 천년째 연애중 (2016)

Pyeon Mi-jo is a thousand year old woman who works as a love counselor, despite having lost all trust in men and love after dating for so many years.
Each week, Mi-jo attends a Mythomania group therapy session (Mythomania is an abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies) and that’s where we first see her, telling her real life story to a group and a therapist, who are all naturally sure that she’s not telling the truth.
That’s why she joined the group, it’s the only place where she can tell the truth and not looked at as a monster.
Mi-jo declares that she will never fall in love again and asks the group members to make the same wise decision.
Having met so many men, Mi-jo can advise her clients easily, by using examples from her own past, when she was dating all kinds of important historical figures like famous inventors and scholars.
One day, while peacefully eating, she hears a horrible noise coming from upstairs.
She goes up to tell her noisy neighbors off and discovers to her dismay that it’s not just some random noise but a group practice is going on.
While Mi-jo is busy getting angry over the noise, she gets an unexpected, warm hug from one of the group members, who then pushes her away.
Yoo Jun-woo, the hugger, is the leader of the group, he is 24 years old and has a tragic past.
Both his parents were killed in a car accident when he was a kid and ever since then, he’s not easily moved.
Jun-woo’s group is in trouble because their main rapper, Yong-gyu ran off with the recording studio’s deposit money, Three months before the concert and now the group is left with no rapper, no money and with a performance schedule that they can’t avoid and so they start practicing in Jun-woo’s new apartment.
Mi-jo’s request for quiet is denied by Jun-woo who also finds an unconvincing excuse for his hug and says that he thought that she was someone else.
Now, Sadly Mi-jo has to deal with the horrible noise that comes from upstairs but it looks like there might be a solution to her problem when on the very next day, the group’s main vocal, Yeon-ji, comes to seek some love advice.
Mi-jo offers an exchange deal – She will give Yeon-ji her advice but the group will have to practice elsewhere.
Yeon-ji is in love with Jun-woo but he’s not into relationships, not with her and not with Hyung-sik, the third member of the group, who has an annoying habit of reciting old sayings at every situation and occasion.
Nicknamed ‘Stone statue’, Jun-woo is not just another typical guy that Mi-joo’s love tricks can work on.
Meanwhile, Mi-jo is being courted by her Tai Chi instructor, Jason.
Jason has known Mi-jo for the past 10 years, he’s tall, handsome and cute but she’s not into him at all.
After an evening encounter, when Jun-woo helps Mi-jo change a light-bulb on the stairs to her appartement, she decides to follow him, supposedly so that she can learn more about his habits and personality and figure out how to help Yeon-ji to get closer to him so that she move the group out of the building.
Mi-jo sees Jun-woo doing a few good deeds and wonders if she was wrong to assume that he wasn’t a good guy and then discovers that he has a part-time job, promoting a store while dancing in front of it, dressed in a bear’s costume.
While eavesdropping in on a conversation between Jun-woo and the store owner, Mi-jo finds out that Jun-woo works in order to get enough money to rent a studio, so that the group can rehears without disturbing her.
After she finds that out, Mi-jo starts hanging out with Jun-woo and learns more about his past and his life.
As they slowly get closer, Jun-woo is reminded more and more of someone who helped him to get through the most difficult period in his life, after his parents were killed and he wonders about the strange resemblance between Mi-jo and that person.
Meanwhile, Mijo discovers that Jason is just like her, unable to die or get old and she is comforted by the thought that she is no longer lonely in her never ending journey in and out of mortals lives.
Neither Jason nor Mijo remember how they became immortal.
Jun-woo and Mijo get closer and their emotion towards each other get stronger. Mijo starts thinking about what might happen if she shared her condition with Jun-woo.
Will he think that she’s a monster and leave her? What’s the use of loving someone who will eventually get old and die, when you are doomed to stay young forever?

Why did I like it?
The episodes are really short, about 19 minutes each so if you want a quick dose of K-drama, it’s a nice one to watch.
The actors are very cute and watching Seungyoon and Jinwoo act is fun.

Why didn’t I like it?
Since the episodes are so short, the characters are tragically underdevelopped and thus, I really didn’t get attached to any of them.
I don’t know what was the use in the discovery made about Jason at the end of the series, it’s didn’t contribute anything to the plot.
Although the dramatic scenes between Mijo and Jason were very nice, the supposedly comic scenes, made Jason look like an idiot.
If Mijo has to choose between Jason and Jun-woo, at least make it a bit harder on her.
Favorite moment 1 – Mi-jo has a hard time eating with all the foreign invasions.
Favorite moment 2 – Jason is being rejected. Why is this man so childish? 😀
Favorite moment 3 – Mi-jo calls on the wrong ex’s flashback.

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