Little Forest or Liteul Poleseuteu(2018)

One day Hye-won returns home from High-school to find that the house is empty and her mother is gone, all that’s left is a letter than Hye-won doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand but from that day on, Hye-won lives her life on her own, with the support of her aunt.
She leaves to study teaching in Seoul but she leaves her job as a cashier at a grocery store and her boyfriend and returns home to her small village, to find her roots and be close to the earth and to the food that she knew as a kid.
Hye-won is connected to her mother through her cooking.
She loves to cook just like her mother and her memories from her mother are focused on her cooking and her stories about the food she makes.
While Hye-won settles back into her old home,she meets her Two school friends:
Jae-ha, who left a good job and his girlfriend in Seoul and came back to the village, to work the land as an orchard owner and Eun-sook, who works at the bank and is always complaining about her boss.
At first, Hye-won thinks that she will return to Seoul soon but as time goes by, she finds the hard work and life in nature to her liking.
Will she ever return to Seoul and will her mother ever come back?
A nice plot, no big dramas, good actors (Ryu Jun-yeol is just adorable), beautiful nature shots and yummy food.

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