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Two versions – From beginning until now or Cheoeumbuteo Jigeumkkaji (Winter sonata)

I am a sucker for different versions of the same song. I love to listen to different versions and then compare and wonder why they’ve chosen these certain musical instruments for one version and others for the other, is one … Continue reading

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Story of the first king’s four gods or Legend or Taewangsashingi (2007)

This series is partly based on a legend, myth and history. It starts with a story of war between two tribes: The tiger clan a warrior tribe has conquered and assimilated all other tribes on earth apart from the bear … Continue reading

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Winter sonata or Gyeoul Yeonga (2002)

Let me just say this, this is supposed to be a classic drama. It was a big success in Korea and Japan and it’s still shown all over in re-runs. In the island where it was shot, there are signs … Continue reading

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Hotelier (2001)

Here is something a bit different. This drama is a good example of a good story and good actors coming together. It’s the story of “Hotel Seoul”, its workers and the people who are trying to buy it. The story begins … Continue reading

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