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Love for a thousand more or Cheonnyeonjjae yeon-aejung or 천년째 연애중 (2016)

Pyeon Mi-jo is a thousand year old woman who works as a love counselor, despite having lost all trust in men and love after dating for so many years. Each week, Mi-jo attends a Mythomania group therapy session (Mythomania is … Continue reading

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Little Forest or Liteul Poleseuteu(2018)

One day Hye-won returns home from High-school to find that the house is empty and her mother is gone, all that’s left is a letter than Hye-won doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand but from that day on, Hye-won … Continue reading

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Lucky romance or Unppal romaenseu (2016)

It’s a story of superstition, fate and (of course) true love. Shim Bo-nui is a young woman who, although being smart and pretty, has a long history of misfortune. Her superstitious tendencies are flamed further by a fortune-teller who makes … Continue reading

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Late Autumn or Manchu (2010)

When Anna was young, she fell in love with her brother’s best friend with whom she grew up. They were a couple until he suddenly drew away. After she got married to someone else, her ex came back to her … Continue reading

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Story of the first king’s four gods or Legend or Taewangsashingi (2007)

This series is partly based on a legend, myth and history. It starts with a story of war between two tribes: The tiger clan a warrior tribe has conquered and assimilated all other tribes on earth apart from the bear … Continue reading

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La belle (2000)

This post contains spoilers so… basically do as you please 😀 . This movie is based on a book that I now really want to read but will probably have a big problem with finding translation to (Body by Kyun-dong … Continue reading

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