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Oh my Venus (2015)

When she was young, Kang Joo-eun was the “Venus” of her high-school. She was dating Im Woo-sik, a former swimmer for the Korean national team, and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She thought that she can do anything, being the … Continue reading

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The painful search for perfection

Many years ago, my best friend has decided to fix her nose. The plastic surgery was successful, she was ever prettier than she was before with a tiny nose but she did go through the rough time of dealing with … Continue reading

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In between chubby Sam-soon and skinny Ji-ahn (My lovely Sam-soon, I do I do)

A note before we begin, when I’ve first watched “My lovely Sam-soon”, many years ago, I thought that Sam-soon was really pretty and thin. I didn’t understand what the whole fuss was about the actress gaining weight to play the … Continue reading

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South Korean women and marriage

According to this article, it looks like the marriage age for women in South Korea is rising in recent years. More and more women are choosing to remain single because they want to advance in their studies, career and develop … Continue reading

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The hardship of making Korean dramas

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Both “On air” and “Worlds within”, deal with the life and work of the cast and crew and writers of Korean dramas. I guess that are other dramas like these but these … Continue reading

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A list of things that can only happen in Korean dramas

Do you know any of these? You are welcome to comment with your own. 1. Getting drunk, passing out and then waking up sober, after about two hours. 2. Walking in the street after a bad breakup and then just … Continue reading

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Happy new year!

To all those passing through this little website of mine, have a wonderful new year and may we all have many new and wonderful Korean series and movies to watch.

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