Hotelier (2001)

Here is something a bit different.
This drama is a good example of a good story and good actors coming together.
It’s the story of “Hotel Seoul”, its workers and the people who are trying to buy it.
The story begins with the owner of the hotel, dies and his wife, Yoon Bong-sook, who does’t know much about management, is left to take care of business.
Since Yoon Bong-sook has no one who can help her, she asks Seo Jin-young, one of the hotels workers, to go to the states and find the hotels former manager, Han Tae-jun and bring him back to Korea.
Han Tae-jun has lost his job as manager after a sex scandal and he now works as a bartender and is the guardian of Jenny, a young drug addict who was left in his care.
After he left for the states, Seo Jin-young and Han Tae-jun who were very good friends, kept in touch until Tae-jun stopped answering calls.
When Jin-young finds Tae-jun, she convinces him to come back with her to Korea to run the hotel.
Bon-sook’s son, Choi Young-jae who works as a bellboy at the hotel, falls in love with Kim Yoon-hee, the daughter of Kim Bok-man, an unfeeling businessman who intends to take over the hotel.
Young-jae helps Yoon-hee get a waitressing job at the hotel but her love is in vain since she sees him only as a good friend and is attracted to the sweet Tae-jun who helps her to deal with her abusive father.
Frank Shin is a Korean lawyer who lives and works in the states and is in search of his father and sister, Bok-man hires him to help him take over the hotel.
While in the states, Frank meets Jin-young and starts courting her. Then, in Korea, he finds out that she works at the hotel and moves into one of the suits there.
In time, Frank finds it hard to follow his plan to help Bok-man with his evil plans.
There is love, friendship, pain , Bae Yong-joon who is just a tasty dish who can really act and the very sweet and cuddly Kim Seung-woo (I really wanted him to get the girl in the end but wasn’t sure which girl it should be).

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