Winter sonata or Gyeoul Yeonga (2002)

Let me just say this, this is supposed to be a classic drama. It was a big success in Korea and Japan and it’s still shown all over in re-runs.
In the island where it was shot, there are signs all over the place, marking the place where the lovers first kissed etc…
I really can’t figure out what’s the big deal.
There are a few lovely images because it’s winter and snowing but other than this, it looks like the director and writers are trying with all of their might to draw tears from the viewers but they are not doing it the right way.
Bae Yong-jun is sweet but red is not a good hair color for him and big clothes make him look chubby. Turtle necks are not for him either, as they make his round face even rounder and he looks neck-less.
Choi Ji-woo looks too old to be Yong-jun’s class mate and her “I had a boyfriend for ten years but I’ve never slept with him, hell, we didn’t even kiss” act is getting real old, real fast and the fact that she is not breaking up with someone that she doesn’t love, made me really hate her frightened ass.
Other than that, the two lead actors have no chemistry.
It’s a slow and depressing drama :(. A train, standing at the train station, will still move forward faster than this drama.
The thirty year old actors also play their characters as teenagers, which is laughable.
Thirty year old actors who are playing high-school students, it’s strange and laughable.
Watching Bae Yong-Jun speaking in his deep voice and running around, throwing snow is funny but also a bit embarrassing.
Didn’t they have enough money to get younger actors to play the part of the teenagers?
The story starts with Yu-jin, who lives with her mother after her father has died, and Joon-sang, the new kid at school.
These two meet on the bus, on their way to school. They were both late.
Joon-sang spent his life in the states and came back to Korea with his mother, who is a famous pianist.
He is trying to find out who his father is and falls in love with Yu-jin in the process.
But oh dear and guess what? Yu-jin has a high-school friend called Sang-hyuk.
Their parents are friends and although she sees him as a brother, he is in love with her and thus, doesn’t like the idea of her running around with Joon-sang.
Joon-sang suspects that Sang-hyuk’s father is also his father and he is rude and even violent towards him, which, along with the fact that Joon-sang is in love with the same girl that he loves, doesn’t help Sang-hyul like Joon-sang any better.
There is also Chae-rin, another high-school student, who falls for Joon-sang although he doesn’t love her.
In any case, the young love story is a short lived one because Joon-sang just has to get run over by a truck and lose his memory.
His school-mates are told that he was killed but in fact, he is very much alive and his mother takes him back to the states and, get this, replaces his memories with new ones and invents a new name and history for him.
Ten years go by and Sang-hyuk and Yu-jin are going to get engaged, Chae-rin who comes to the re-union/engagement party at the old school, brings over her boyfriend, Min-hyeong, who suspiciously looks exactly like Joon-sang.
Min-hyeong is an architect and Yu-jin has to work with him but obviously, his good looks get in the way and she keeps on thinking of her dead boyfriend who looks just like him and she make quite a fool out of herself.
This goes on and on and people lie to each other for no apparent reason and do horrible things (Sang-hyuk not only stalks Yoo-jin before and after she breaks up with him but also announces during a party that they are going to get married, although she just broke up with him and also tries to rape her).
The unhappiness level is so high that it almost makes you laugh, there isn’t even one happy person in this drama.
In short, this drama is really no good. Don’t watch it unless you are a big Bae Yong-jun and just have to watch all of his works or if you are a sucker for disasters.

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