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My ID is Gangnam beauty or ID: Gangnam beauty or Nae Aidineun Gangnammiin (2018)

Kang Mi-rae was a fat and ugly girl who was bullied by kids and nicknamed “The Hulk”. Even losing weight doesn’t help her to change her social status. Confessing her love to a boy, proves to be the wrong move … Continue reading

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Little Forest or Liteul Poleseuteu(2018)

One day Hye-won returns home from High-school to find that the house is empty and her mother is gone, all that’s left is a letter than Hye-won doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand but from that day on, Hye-won … Continue reading

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Be with You or Because I love you or Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida (2018)

Ji-ho‘s mother drew a story book for him. The story is a sad one, about a mother penguin and her son. The mother penguin dies but looks from the sky and keeps guard of her son, until one day, during … Continue reading

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Jealousy incarnate or Jiltueui hwasin (2016)

Pyo Na-ri is weather girl who works as a temp at SBC TV station. She has failed the auditions for an anchorwoman and what’s even worst, she still has to work as a temp, along with the women against whom … Continue reading

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Puberty: between winter and spring or Spring to winter or 사춘기 : 겨울과 봄 사이

This is a short musical movie, release by AKMU in January 2017, to promote their full album Spring Vol. 2. The film shows an imaginary scenario in which the brother and sister fight and decide to part ways. Chan-hyuk decides … Continue reading

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Lucky romance or Unppal romaenseu (2016)

It’s a story of superstition, fate and (of course) true love. Shim Bo-nui is a young woman who, although being smart and pretty, has a long history of misfortune. Her superstitious tendencies are flamed further by a fortune-teller who makes … Continue reading

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Entertainer or Ttanttara (2016)

Shin Suk-ho is a director at KTOP and is also on the verge of launching his small entertainment company. He plans on leaving KTOP and taking the famous “Jackson” boy-band with him. “Jackson” is a band that Suk-ho helped to … Continue reading

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