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Running man (2010 – )

Oh fun, fun, fun πŸ™‚ . Two teams are competing against each other. I’ve watched episodes 84-85 and 250 with “Big bang” and it was very funny and exciting and so I’ve also started watching this show from the first … Continue reading

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Youth over flowers or Ggotboda Cheongchun (2014 -)

An amusing reality show that involves traveling to foreign countries. The idea is a simple one – Take a couple of unsuspecting stars, “abduct” them on a moments notice and take them to a foreign country with nothing but the … Continue reading

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Strong heart or Gang Sim Jang (2009 – 2013)

The show aired from 2009 until 2013 with different hosts (I’m currently watching the first season). I’m watching because I want to know more bands, singers and actors and these talk shows are the best way to do it. Each … Continue reading

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