Strong heart or Gang Sim Jang (2009 – 2013)

The show aired from 2009 until 2013 with different hosts (I’m currently watching the first season).
I’m watching because I want to know more bands, singers and actors and these talk shows are the best way to do it.
Each show has a theme and about Twenty famous guests who sit on stage (with about Six regulars stars who come to almost every show).
The guests write a headline for their story (that matches the theme) and then tell it.
The stories are real one (or at least that’s what the guests claim) and most of them, have never been shared before.
It’s a good time for the stars to try and fight a rumors, change a bad opinion, ask for forgiveness etc…
The guests stories compete against each other for the title “Strong heart”. The best story wins.
I really don’t know why this show is not airing anymore, it’s so much fun to watch these starts pouring their hearts out, joking around and from time to time, bursting into tears.

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