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Entertainer or Ttanttara (2016)

Shin Suk-ho is a director at KTOP and is also on the verge of launching his small entertainment company. He plans on leaving KTOP and taking the famous “Jackson” boy-band with him. “Jackson” is a band that Suk-ho helped to … Continue reading

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Kim Gun-hak and Baek Da-jung, remaking a home (One more happy ending)

There once was a rich man, who fell in love with a beautiful girl who was part of a K-pop girl group called “Angels”. They got married and lived happily ever after… if only. Baek Da-jung, the beautiful wife wants … Continue reading

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Two versions – Auditory hallucination (Kill me, heal me)

Yay for great theme songs that you can listen to again and again (and again). I must say that this is the best theme song that I’ve heard so far. The combination between the rap part and the softer, ballad … Continue reading

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One sunny day or Joh-eun Nal (2014)

When brokenhearted Kim Ji-ho is sent to Jeju island, he is robbed of his wallet. The thief has also stolen a girl’s cellular phone. Ji-ho and the girl meet at the police station and then spend the day together, since … Continue reading

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The cherry blossom festival in Jinhae

Fashionably late, I am posting these beautiful photos from the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. Starting in March throughout May, there are festivals all over Korea to celebrate Spring. The cherry trees are in blossom and the streets are filled with decorations, … Continue reading

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