Bobby (iKON)

On the 14th of September, Bobby released his first solo album after a few years of anticipation.
What can I say? I already knew that Bobby is a very good rapper and a good singer but he also wrote and composed this whole album, which isn’t as easy as some people might think it is.
I love the MVs, I love the songs, I love his voice and his style (I also adore his collaboration with Mino. Am eagerly the return of the legendary MOBB).
In short, this album makes me happy.

Here are the Two MVs for your viewing pleasure:

I must admit that although I love this whole album, this is my favorite song for now:

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What’s up? (2011)

Jang Jae-hun, who is brought up by his single mother, is hanging out with the wrong crowd and robs drunk people on the street, along with Two other friends.
One night though, something goes wrong and the police arrives.
While trying to escape, Jae-hun causes an accident that results in the death of a pedestrian.
Jae-hun manages to escape the police and the accident scene, while holding on to a piece of paper, baring a name and an address, that the pedestrian was carrying with him.
Plagued by fear and guilt, he escapes into a theater, where he is moved to tears by a singer, performing a song from “The phantom of the opera”, and decides to become an actor.
Ha Do-sung was left by his mother at a young age.
He is told that in order to protect her life (or rather, her life style), he has to live his life without attracting unnecessary attention.
After uploading online songs that he composes and sings, he becomes an internet sensation but since he can’t reveal his face, he always wears a mask and uses the stage name “Hades”.
On his first live performance, he is being photographed by Paparazzi, in his dressing room and without his mask.
While his mother promises to take care of the photographer, Do-sung, has to announce to his adoring audience, that he will not be performing anymore.
His love for music and performing is too strong though and he decides to study at Haneul arts university
Jae-hun returns to the accident’s scene, in order to relieve his guilty conscience, When he asks the seller, at a nearby grocery store, she tells him that the pedestrian has survived, when in fact, he was killed.
Jae-hun mother is willing to give him the money to study acting, and he asks his friend to submit the online form for him.
He is surprised to find that his friend, signed him up for a major in music theater instead of acting, when he doesn’t even know what a musical is.
His spontaneous audition is good enough to spark the teacher’s curiosity and he is accepted.
Eun Jae-young is a famous actress who has never studied the craft, now she who wants to study musical theater and become the best that she can.
Sadly, she is very manipulative and doesn’t mind climbing to the top by using her beauty and charm and stepping all over her school mates in the process.
Park Tae-Yi‘s father was killed in an accident but she keeps on speaking to him and consulting him.
Poor, disoriented Tae-yi, is running all around the campus to try and find the building where her audition is to take place.
Oh Doo-ri come to the auditions with her overly dominating mother who is trying to compensate for her lost marriage and singing career, by turning her daughter into a performing doll.
Doo-ri, who is fed up with being told what to do and how to look, adopts a new rebellious look, that doesn’t sit well with her mother.
Kim Byung-Gun, is talented but suffers from stage fright that makes him lose his voice.
He finds himself in the same dorm room as Lee Soo-Bin, a third year student and already a famous pianist and composer who has won many awards.
Since Soo-bin is famous, Jae-young is shamelessly flirting with him, so that she can use him to her advantage but he is less than responsive to her attempts.
The arrogant and tough Jae-hun, the timid and secretive Do-sung and the enthusiastic and sensitive Tae-yi, form an unlikely friendship.
Professor Sun Woo-young, once a great star of the musical theater, lived as a drunken recluse, in the mountains, after he lost the love of his life.
When he comes back to teach, after Five years, his unusual teaching methods, make Doo-ri fall for him.
Unfortunately, his return, sparks the interests of a Paparazzi photographer, who is lurking in the shadows in order to catch a photo of Do-sung, while posing a threat to Woo-young’s career as a teacher and to Do-sung’s happy life as a normal university student.
As the students are divided into Two groups, for a big show and audition, they have to deal with their insecurities, secrets and lies.

Why didn’t I like it?
On the one hand, this is a cute high-school series but on the other hand, what’s going on with the writing?
As much as I love Byung-gun, how is it possible for someone who is dead afraid of singing in front of people, to get accepted to a music school?
We saw him with our own eyes, auditioning so how was he able to sing then but not after that and why do his teachers, invest so much time in trying to find ways to make him sing?
The same goes for Jae-hun, who didn’t even know what a musical was before he started studying.
This show was supposed to have a second season but very sadly, 2011 wasn’t a very good year for Daesungie and perhaps that’s why the series ends in such a strange and abrupt way with many loose ends.

Why did I like it?
Although I started watching this because I wanted to see Daesung acting, it’s fun series to watch, there are quite a few amusing moments, especially when Byung-gun appears, he is so in love with himself :D.
The songs are nice, Daesung singing rock just made my day and ‘With you’, the shows version of Laura Pausini’s ‘It’s Not Goodbye’ is (at least for me), much better than the original.
Jae-hun’s dilemma about telling Tae-yi about her father is a real one.
In other dramas, the couple breaks up over nonsense but here, he really can’t tell her and going out with her without telling her, is deceiving her.
Favorite moments 1 – Tae-yi can’t find her way anywhere.
Favorite moment 2 – Byung-Gun explains why he can’t prove that he is a good singer, even by recording himself sing.
Favorite moment 3 – Byung-Gun meets a ghost :’) .

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Kwon Ji-yong (AKA G-dragon)

Since I found that the more I wait with posting this, the longer the post gets and I might never finish it, I am making things short-ish and sweet.
G-dragon is a box filled with wonders – A singer/song writer, producer, dancer, fashion icon, model, group leader.
There is the extravagant and flashy G-dragon who is full of confidence and there is Kwon Ji-yong, the shy guy who has a meltdown when he has to watch himself on the screen and who is in constant search of his true self.
The guy who started performing as a Five year old, who is easily embarrassed and is in great need of giving and receiving affection.
G-dragon is Ji-yong’s stage persona but it can be confusing to try and tell the two apart.
But wait… why should I try to tell them apart? It’s not as if there should be any difference for me, as a listener.
So put aside any silly idea that you might have about guys who are pretty as girls or wear feminine clothes and paint their nails.
It might be the real Jiyong or it might be a mask, we will never know because its non of our business but GD kicks ass, he is a smart and talented young man who knows a thing or Two about life.
But wait… what about his chin, his USB, his scandal…
Come on, we are all adults here, right? Let’s stop playing with kaka, alrighty?
Ji has attracting fire ever since he debuted, it’s because he always tries new things and people want the old, comfortable stuff, it’s because others have to constantly be compared with him and work harder, it’s because when a person dresses the way he wants to, some good souls might not like it.

Just listen to the music because the rest is just white noise.

Here is GD, singing his heart out. This song might not have found its way to the CD (or should I say USB?) because GD thought it was too personal.

Who am I, I am kwon-jiyong

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The lover (2015)

The lives on Four unmarried couples who are living in an apartment house in the outskirts of Seoul is being documented over the period of 40 days.
Oh Do-si (35 years old) and Ryu Doo-ri (31 years old) live together in apartment number 609.
They both have temporary jobs, they have been dating for Five years and living together for Two.
Do-si is a good person, just a little childish at times and Doo-ri has little patience and can be very hard on him but they seem to like each other well enough, they just don’t want to get married.
They live the life of a married couple though and at times it looks as if the magic is gone from their relationship.
Apartment 610 houses Jung Young-joon and Choi Ji-nyeo, a couple who has been dating for Two years and living together for One.
Jung Young-joon is a 21 year old guitarist for an little known group, he doesn’t have any money and he lives with Choi Ji-nyeo, who is 33 years old, in her apartment.
Naturally, Young-joon is very immature and often teases Ji-nyeo about her age.
It looks like Ji-nyeo is aware of the fact that this relationship will not last forever.
Lee Joon-jae lives all alone in apartment 709, he hardly ever leaves his place.
He is shy and quiet and likes to live on his own but has to look for a roommate for financial reasons.
Enters Takuya, a very friendly, open and handsome Japanese guy who travels the world.
Joon-jae soon adjust to having another person in his place, especially since he starts falling in love with his seductive roommate.
Park Hwan-jong and Ha Seol-eun are a young couple who live in apartment 510.
They have been living together for only Seven days and already there are troubles in paradise.
Seol-eun is glutenous and selfish and as time goes by, Hwan-jong starts to realize that she might not be the right person for him (I’ve actually realized it from a very earlier stage).
What I didn’t like this series?
It only has 12 episodes but it took forever to finish it because the writing is not even.
Although it tries to be realistic (The character names are the actors real name, to create a more realistic feeling), there are scenes that can’t possibly happen in real life, like Takuya almost killing Joon-jae with his farts (I guess that it was supposed to be funny but I am not a fan of this kind of cheap humor) and Do-si’s attempts to take an unflattering photo of Doo-ri.
If you want to be realistic, be but if you want to roam into fantasy, you are confusing me a little bit.
Plus, there is great focus on Doo-ri and Do-shi, Young-joon and Ji-nyeo and the rest of the couples get very little attention.
For me, even th characters that you get to see more, were under developed and I didn’t really get attached to any of them.
Why I liked this series?
There is a gay couple. It’s the second time (not counting all the bromances that you get to see) that I’ve seen gay men in series.
Despite the fact that you can hardly see them, because the Two main couples, dominate the story-line and despite the fact that they spend most of the time, being evasive, it’s still takes some courage to decide to place Two gay man as a legit couple, among the others.
They are just the most interesting couple there, I’ve seen many comment from people who liked them better than the others, so it’s strange that they ended up with such a small slice of screen time.
As a whole, you can watch this series to pass the time and Takuya and Jae-joon are really cute :).
Favorite moment 1 – Do-si and Doo-ri are making spicy Ramen 😀 .
Favorite moment 2 – A blanket shaking contest :D. This is a brilliant scene.
Favorite moment 3 – Young-joon’s and Pung’s fight over the remote control.
Favorite moment 4 – Young-joon returns to take his old pair of Jeans, I must admit that I cried.

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Choi Seung-hyun (AKA T.O.P)

I know that I’ve written about him before but this is my place and I will do as I please, so there.
The past few days were really hard for me and for other fans of “Bigbang” and T.O.P.
I will not get into the whole ugly mess because you can easily find everything on-line but I will say something that needs to be said.
I can only speak of myself but, T.O.P is important for me simply because he makes me happy.
I love his singing and rapping voice, I love the way he moves, I like the way he writes (I am eagerly awaiting a solo CD), I like his jokes and the way he carefully choses his words when he speaks.
I love the way he is unstoppable when he starts doing silly things, I like the way he is serious when he talks and deals with the things that he loves, like art.
I’ve started off watching “Bigbang” interviews and the first thing that I remember is T.O.P with his crazy blue hair, sitting on the presenter’s lap.
When he was asked why he did it, he didn’t know.
He made me curious and then I’ve heard “Doom dada” and realized that this man is brilliant.

Right now, at this moment, T.O.P’s health situation is unknown – His doctors claim that he is asleep, the police claims that he was conscious when he arrived to the hospital and his mother just said that he was unconscious and he still is.
I’m not a medical expert but yesterday was a nightmare for me and today promises to be the same exact way.
I’m not a religious person, so I can just address any power that exists in this univers and beg it to bring T.O.P back to us, because he is one of a kind and when you are one of a kind, you should be guarded like a precious jewel.

I can only hope for the best and wonder how can it be, that a talented young leader, such as T.O.P found himself in such a situation.
Why was he treated like a criminal when all that he did was smoke weed and why wasn’t he taken to the hospital after he was first found and couldn’t open his eyes?

I love you Choi Seung-hyun, you strange and beautiful person.
I want you to be well, I want you to come back to us. Please.

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Nam Taehyun

This post has been one that I’ve been planning for a while now and I’m glad that I’m finally going to publish it.
Last year, I was introduced to the whole boy band documentary scene, when watching “Big bang”.
I started looking for other such videos and found a doc about “Winner”.
After watching that, I’ve also watched “Who’s next :Winner”.
One thing that stood out in both these programs, was the fact that Taehyun’s writing and composing skills were approved and supported by Yang Hyun-suk (YG’s CEO).
I think that basically, Taehyun had the great luck of landing in a company that respected his style and didn’t try to shape him into yet another hit machine maker and so, instead of getting a “Big bang” wannabe, we got songs like “Sentimental” and “Baby baby”.
On the other hand though, I got the feeling that Taehyun wasn’t really happy.
At one point he admitted that at times, he is not sure if this is what he wanted to do.
At last, at the end of 2016, after “Winner” went on a very long hiatus and all kinds of rumors were spread, Taehyun has left “Winner” and YG.
Since I was in the middle of watching “Who’s next : Winner”, I felt a little cheated 😀 but also very worried.
Moving from getting supported by such a strong company as YG to being on your own, no matter how talented you are, is hard.
I don’t know what health issues Taehyun was fighting but I was cheering for him all the way and started following his IG and Soundcloud account, to see what he was up to.
Gladly, he kept on creating, then he gathered musicians and formed a new band called “South club”.
Shortly after that, he established his own label and tomorrow (or in fact, today, since it’s already the 26.5.2017), a new song and video are going to be revealed.
Am I excited? Yes, I am.
Why am I so happy for Nam Taehyun? Well, for me it’s the victory of talent over the system.
Not everyone were ment to be singing and dancing machines in a boy band, where the way you look and sound are being decided for you by other people and you constantly have to do things as part of a group.
Taehyun is obviously an individual that wanted to pave his own way in the musical scene and I hope that he will be successful.
I think that he is destined for great things, what do you think?

Here is Namtae and “South club” in their second single and MV.
I love it, don’t you?

Here is “South club”s first song and MV:

Here is “Winner”s Taehyun, singing “I’m young”.
By the way, have you noticed that we never got to see how Taehyun has escaped from the apartment without being discovered by his ex-girl’s man? It was the closet for one moment and then a sad walk down the street.

Here’s the link to Taehyun’s account on Soundcloud

Nam Tae-hyun left “Winner” according to YG entertainment/

Tae-hyun to perform on-stage for the first time since leaving “Winner”

Taehyun creates his own music label, “South buyers club”


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Jealousy incarnate or Jiltueui hwasin (2016)

Pyo Na-ri is weather girl who works as a temp at SBC TV station.
She has failed the auditions for an anchorwoman and what’s even worst, she still has to work as a temp, along with the women against whom she competed, for the anchorwoman’s spot. They are now regular workers at SBC.
In order to support her teenage brother, Pyo Chi-yeol, who is the number one student in his high-school, Na-ri volunteers to do odd jobs at SBC, in hope that her hard work will be a appreciated and she will be promoted.
Lee Hwa-shin is an arrogant Korean foreign correspondent who has been living abroad for the last Three years.
He has escaped the country after ruining his brother’s good name and business for a scoop and has been guilt tripping about it ever since his family has disowned him.
Lee Jong-shin, Hwa-shin’s older brother was once a successful businessman but is now a drunk, who is twice divorced and is raising his daughter, Red, on his own.
Jong-shin’s first wife, Kye Sung-sook is Red’ mother, once a reporter and now an anchorwoman at SBC.
Bang Ja-young, Jong-shin’s second ex-wife is a chief announcer at SBC and is Sung-sook’s superior.
The two women have lost connection with Red and are bitter rivals at work.
Lee Ppal-gang (AKA Red) is Sung-sook and Jong-shin’s daughter.
She loves her father and seeing him ruined, has caused her to become a troubled kid and a bad student who is last not only in her class but in the whole school.
Red is Chi-yeol and Oh Dae-goo’s classmate and they are also neighbors and best friends.
Kim Rak is a chef and the owner of Rak restaurant, he is Na-ri’s landlord and cares for her, her brother and his friends as if they were his own family.
When Ja-young and Sung-sook move in with Red, they compete for Rak’s heart.
When the chance to help a broadcast in Thailand presents itself, Na-ri offers to join the news team as a jack of all trades – A hair stylist, dresser and makeup artist.
On the plane, Na-ri takes Go Jung-won‘s place and he falls in love with her at first sight.
Jung-won is a rich and handsome chebol, he is also Hwa-shin’s best friend and soul brother from youth.
At the airport in Thailand, Na-ri bumps into Hwa-shin. Oh joy, he treats her like dirt.
While forcing Hwa-shin to dress up for his broadcast, Na-ri accidentally touches his chest and thinks that she can feel a lump.
Being the granddaughter and daughter of cancer patients, Na-ri is worried about Hwa-shin.
Jung-won and Na-ri meet again on set, when he comes to visit Hwa-shin and they get to spend some time together.
Hwa-shin has returned to Korea and face the implications of his treacherous scoop against his brother.
When Jong-shin drinks too much and falls down the stairs, sustains a blow to the head and is hospitalized in a coma, Red’s friends rush in to help her cope and her mother’s resume connection.
Na-ri plans on filling the free national recruitment form and reapplying for an anchorwoman’s spot but before she manages to do it, she is tricked by a fellow weather girl and shows up drunk to work, which results in her dismissal.
Jung-won gets hold of Na-ri’s cellular phone number and asks his secretary to call her up and complain about the weather forecast, after Na-ri has told him on the plane, that she dreams of having someone call her up and complain, as a proof that someone watches her weather broadcasts.
Despite Na-ri’s warnings, Hwa-shin doesn’t think that a man can get breast cancer but has a reality check when he has a checkup after a car accident, and discovers that the lump in his chest in cancerous.
Na-ri has a benign lump that needs removal and she finds herself recovering from the procedure, in the same hospital room as Hwa-shin.
Meanwhile at SBC, Na-ri’s drunken weather report, has high ratings and they want her to come back to work at once.
Despite the fact that she went through an operation, Na-ri makes her way from the hospital to the station, where she manages to complete her bit and then faints in the arms of Jung-won, who takes her back to the hospital.
When Jong-shin dies at the hospital, after a phone call to Hwa-shin and a note that he leaves for Rak, Sung-soo and Ja-young, are busy looking for Red and at last, find out where she lives after meeting Rak.
Rak knows that Jong-shin’s note gives instructions as to which mother should take care of Red but he decides to check and see for himself who is the best mother.
Ja-young and Sung-soo both decide to move in with the very reluctant Red and take care of her.
Since Na-ri is the only one who knows about Hwa-shin’s condition, she is the only one who tries to take care of him.
While trying to fight his developing feelings for her, Hwas-sin, sets up a date between Na-ri and Jung-won and has to watch as his best friend and the woman that he likes, start dating.
Will Hwa-shin betray his best friend and try to win Na-ri’s heart, after despising and rejecting her for Three years?
Not knowing that Rak has a problem with the ladies and is interested in them just because of the note, Sung-soo and Ja-young, both develop a crush on him.
As it happens, Rak is Jung-woon’s uncle and Kim Tae-ra, Jung-woon’s mother is trying to help a problem that he has with special pills.
The pills seem to work and Rak is now interested in Red’s two mothers.
Which one will he end up with, if at all?
What I liked about this series –
Apart from Hwa-shin’s illness, there aren’t any secrets and problems are usually taken care of quickly enough. Even the much expected “I am sick so I’m going to disappear without saying anything and leave you all alone/behave as if I hate you all of a sudden and breakup with you, without telling you the real reason behind it” is being avoided.
Hwa-shin and Jung-woon are true friends and they are honest with each other and with Na-ri and this series doesn’t have the all too familiar “best friend who turns into a hateful person so the heroine’s choice is obvious and easy” syndrome.
This drama starts off with the very strange feeling that Gong Hyo-jin is playing the same, weird and annoying character that she has played in “Master’s sun” (minus the whole seeing ghosts deal).
Soon enough, though, an explanation is offered for her strange behavior and this turns into a very nice series that has some serious themes along with the usual lovey dovey one.
What I didn’t like –
Why, oh why does Na-ri keep on touching Hwa-shin’s chest with no explanation? Explain why you are doing it and then just stop.
The strange song at the wedding.
Jo Jung-suk is very cute when he dances and sings but it looked like they really just wanted him to sing so the OST can sell well and didn’t have any other excuse to have him perform like this, at any other part of the series.
Hwa-shin’s betrayal seems a bit strange. Didn’t he know that advertising such a scandal in the news will ruin his brother? If he did, he is not much of a brother so why bother to come back and search for his niece?
Hwa-shin is portrayed as a real asshole right from the start – He is rude to some guy because he wants his shirt and his girl, he is being very rude and cruel to Na-ri when she has a crush on him and then, when they are dating and she has chosen him over Jung-woon, he drops her out of the election broadcast in favor of someone else.
Jung-woon blames Hwa-shin for not telling Na-ri that he was not interested in her and letting her continue with her one-sided love for him but really, I think that Na-ri could have figured it by herself since Hwa-shin didn’t hide his contempt and dislike for her.
The story between Rak and the mothers is not fully developed, which is a shame.
Favorite moment 1 – Hwa-shin is having his breast examined. This bit has actually made me burst into laughter.
Favorite moment 2 – Hwa-shin and Na-ri’s bra discussion.
Favorite moment 3 – Jung-won spoons Hwa-shin
Favorite moment 4 – Jung-woon drags Hwa-shin on the beach, while Na-ri happily collects octopuses.
Favorite moment 4 – Hwa-shin asks the women of SBC to date him.
favorite moment 5 – A sweet and funny bed scene. Turtlenecks are so annoying 😀 .

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