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On the way to the airport or Road to the Airport or Gonghang-ganeun Gil (2017)

Choi Soo-ah is a flight attendant and her husband, Park Jin-seok is a captain. The both work for the same airline These two are very busy, so busy that they can’t possibly take care of their only daughter. On her … Continue reading

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Kim Gun-hak and Baek Da-jung, remaking a home (One more happy ending)

There once was a rich man, who fell in love with a beautiful girl who was part of a K-pop girl group called “Angels”. They got married and lived happily ever after… if only. Baek Da-jung, the beautiful wife wants … Continue reading

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One sunny day or Joh-eun Nal (2014)

When brokenhearted Kim Ji-ho is sent to Jeju island, he is robbed of his wallet. The thief has also stolen a girl’s cellular phone. Ji-ho and the girl meet at the police station and then spend the day together, since … Continue reading

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One more happy ending or Hanbeon deo haepiending (2016)

A couple meets, gets married and as most couples do, tries to start a family. They are very much in love but conceiving problems, makes the woman draw away from her husband and their relationship. When at last they have … Continue reading

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Oh my Venus (2015)

When she was young, Kang Joo-eun was the “Venus” of her high-school. She was dating Im Woo-sik, a former swimmer for the Korean national team, and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She thought that she can do anything, being the … Continue reading

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On air (2008)

This is another oldie but goodie drama and just like “Worlds within” it tells the tale of the people who work in the TV program making industry. It tries to stay on the natural side of acting, although there are … Continue reading

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