The Great Seungri – Seungri

Seungri deserves a whole page dedicated to him alone so I’ll just say that I’ve approached this album cautiously at first.
As Taeyang once stated, Seungri loves trance, as a DJ he’s been into EDM and his singing parts in BIGBANG’s songs are mainly soft and romantic but when he’s on stage, he’s very energetic and cool and I’ve heard him using a whole different singing voice so I didn’t know what to expect.
What can I say? It’s a great album. Most of it was written and composed by Seungri and at last, I hear a different Seungri (not that the old one wasn’t good).

Over the last Five years of making this album, his voice has matured beautifully and has a little rough edge to it that I really like.
I don’t know what the audience will think about it, I know that charting high is important and haters are lurking around but for me, what’s most important is that the music is good and that Seungri didn’t take the sure, old road of sounding like an extension of his mother group and he’s doing his own thing.
If I have to choose my favorite tracks, it would be ‘1, 2, 3’, ‘Alone’, ‘Love is you’, ‘Mollado’ and… I can name the rest of the tracks one by one as well because they are all good 😀

‘Mollado’ has a trending Twitter tag, go and check it out, there is some hilarious stuff there: Molladochallenge

The main part of ‘1, 2, 3’s MV was shot in one take, which is not easy, considering the fact that it wasn’t just Seungri but a whole crew of dancers and effects. One mistake and you have to dance everything all over again.
The song has a strong 1950s vibe and the MV concept is the same so Seungri is a cute mix between Elvis, Fonzie and Danny Zuko, dancing, singing, gliding and being his own fabu and funny self.
Watch the wonderful MV and judge for yourself:

At the end of the MV, like in some movies, you can see a tiny bit of the rehearsals and bloopers and also the roll of all the many people who participated in the making of the MV.
Acknowledging the staff’s and crew’s hard work and crediting it, is something that Seungri does on a regular basis.

Here’s the BTS video of the MV making process:

The sub-title MV from the album is called ‘Where R U from’ and is’s featuring WINNER’s talented Song Mino.
Here is the great Seungri, making peace between world leaders by using his music, dance skills and undeniable panda charms ❤ :

Here’s the BTS video of the MV process:

Where R U from featuring in world news because of its political content:


AMP news

As a special bonus, here’s a multilingual version to 1, 2, 3! that will make you fall off your chair and laugh until your cry 😀

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