T.O.P and the army

In Two more days, T.O.P will return to being Choi Seung-hyun again and enlist to the army.
I will say a few words about this because what I see online, regarding this, makes me unhappy.

T.O.P is the first one of his group to enlist so his enlistment marks the first of Four other enlistments and the end of “Big bang” performances as a group for a few years.
It’s really a big, big thing for a group like “Big bang”, who has millions of fans all over the world and has been so active and famous and of course, it’s a big deal for the fans.
The other members will be busy for a while with their solo careers, there are Three new CDs due from Taeyang, GD and Seungri, and Daesung is to perform in Japan.
From this year on, each member of Big bang will enlist to the army when his time comes.

As one who has served Two years in the army, in an army group, I can say that enlisting is not great fun but it’s not a big tragedy either, especially if you know what you are going to do as a soldier.
I enlisted when I was 18, T.O.P is 30.
There is a huge difference between a carefree 18 year old, who has just finished high-school and has no responsibilities and a guy who has a blooming career and millions of fans.
He has his routine that has been going on for years and years and now, he has to give it up.
Change is scary, especially as you get older, and with the tension between South and North Korea, it’s logical to be worried and afraid.
It’s also logical that if he walks around the streets of Seoul as a cop, he will get some attention that might make his service a bit more difficult than the other cops.
He might be worried about what will happen when he comes back, since fans love can be fickle, although there are so many fans who love him and will be waiting for him.
He is also obviously emotional these days.
So what am I angry about?
I’m angry about the people who treat him like a poor baby who is just about to break down.
I am angry at the fans who love him so much but don’t give him one ounce of credit for being a grownup, who will do his duty and do it well.
He is 30 years old, he has managed his affairs very well, he is very smart and capable and there is no doubt that he might get lonely and even sad or scared because he is only human, but he will manage.
He is not going to the ends of the world, he is going to be in Seoul and so, I’m sure that he will have at least few opportunities to see group members, friends and family. He will not be all alone.
Since T.O.P will be busy with training and doing his job, the people who will suffer most are the people waiting for him and not him, so please, stop the pity fest.

Other than this, I really cringed when I read people getting excited over the photos and videos of him crying during a show.
It’s not amusing, it’s not tragic either. He is emotional, just let him be.

People have said that since he has a history of depression, it’s evident that he will be depressed over enlisting and I say, if he is depressed, you are only making it worst by harping on an on about it and weeping on his Instagram page.
If he is depressed, he needs your love and support, not your constant reminders of what is soon to be.
Encourage him, don’t make him feel like this is the end of the world.

T.O.P has decided to enlist privately, without greeting the fans or media.
I think that considering the way fans are reacting to his enlistment, it’s a very wise choice and who needs all of these cameras in his face?
For once he will be where cameras are not allowed, such a relief.
I’m pretty sure that there will be fans waiting for him all the same, because fans do as they please.
I will miss this unique individual for the time that he will not post and will wait for his return.
Be safe, wonderful T.O.P, my ears will miss your special voice.

The Nonsan training camp winter schedule

T.O.P’s army enlistment, service and discharge schedule

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I am Sam or A-i Em Saem (2007)

Jang Yi-san is a geeky, a bit slow, timide and full of good intentions school teacher at the problematic classroom 8.
Shin So-yi is an art teacher at the same school.
She likes Yi-san and he likes her but since they are both rather timide and slow, it takes forever for them to manage a date.
Yoo Eun-byul is the daughter of Yoo Jae-gon, the head of a gangster organization.
Despite her father’s wishes that she gets a good education, studying is not her first, second or third priority and she drives all of her private tutors away.
Eun-byul has had it with her private tutors who suck up to her, she wishes that there was someone who will not treat her nicely just because of her father.
Enters Yi-san, who is taking a walk with So-yi one evening and wants to show her how much he cares about today’s youth.
The couple bumps into Eun-byul, as she sits on a park bench after having a fight with her father and leaving the house in anger.
She is holding a cigarette butt that she’s found on the ground so Yi-san thinks that she is going to smoke it.
He tells her off and also warns her against staying alone outside at such a late hour.
Eun-byul asks him to walk her home (since it’s late and so dangerous outside) and then asks him for some money.
Yi-san assumes that she is a runaway and tries to help her out.
When she returns home, she tells her father that she has decided to study again.
The next day, Yi-san returns home after a long and tiring day and discovers to his dismay, that all of his stuff is gone.
He is then being escorted to Eun-byul’s house by Jae-gon’s, and there, he is being forced to let her be a student in his class and become her live-in tutor in exchange for one million dollars that he will be payed once Eun-byul graduates.
He is being told that if he doesn’t teach her properly or treats her badly, he will die.
Since it’s a matter of life or death, he really has no choice but to agree.
Other than having to live with his student, he also teacher her in his classroom when she becomes a student in his school.
While Eun-byul’s develops a crush on her teacher, her father wants her to get married to Kim Woo-jin, his right-hand man, who has known her ever since she was a kid and is in love with her.
Chae Moo-shin is a quiet student, from a poor home with an alcoholic father.
He has become a legend after beating up 30 troublesome students from a rival school and is known to be violent when being hit.
Despite his tough and somewhat unstable and crazy image and his involvement in fights and shady business, Moo-shin has a gentle side and he helps and protects his friend and classmate Han Tae-sung.
After Eun-byul slaps Moo-sin and after he saves her from the gang that he fought with and won, he starts liking her.
Min Sa-kang has a sick brother and she has to work to support herself, since her mother doesn’t have much money.
She is a tough kid who, studies hard, in hope of having a better future for herself and her family.
Sa-kang likes Moo-shin but suspects that he likes Eun-byul.
Despite their different backgrounds, Eun-byul and Sa-kang become friends.
Heo Mo-se is the principal’s son, all the girls are in love with him but he has his eye on Eun-byul.
Yi-san is too awkward to make his move on So-yi and misses every chance when his new, strange and uncomfortable arrangement with Eul-bul gets in the way and he has to lie and miss dates.
Ji Sun-Hoo is the new, hunky school doctor who is interested in So-yi.
He was once part of a boy group but a mysterious accident, made it impossible for him to continue in his idol career.
Sun-hoo is always there to advice and comfort So-yi as she gets disappointed time and again and becomes distrustful of Yi-san.
So-yi’s introduces Yi-san to her domineering father but after Yi-san has to help Moo-shin pay off a debt, and is forced (by Eun-byul) to use all of his savings to do so, he has no money left to buy a house and provide for his future wife.
Things get more and more complicated as suspicious students start to investigate about the teacher and his student relationship, mobsters try to hurt Eun-byul and Jae-gon decides to marry Eun-byul off to Mr Kim and send her to study in the states.

The main problem with this series is that the idea is a good one – a teacher who is forced to live with his student because of her gangster dad. Sounds like lots of fun, right?
Well, other than the fact that it takes forever and a day for anything interesting to happen, when something finally happens, it is not worth the wait.
The teacher is very slow, I don’t know who accepted him as a teacher. He can’t possibly handle a class of wild teenagers.
He lies and lies when he can easily just trust the woman that he loves and tell her the truth.
This could have prevented so many misunderstandings. I mean, you don’t live with your student because you want to but because you were forced to and you fear for your life.
So-yi must be a really trusting woman, up to the point of stupidity.
Taking your boyfriends word when when he breaks off date after date is one thing but when he introduces you to his father, who is only about ten years older than he is, is another thing altogether.
Is she blind?
Introducing someone who disappoints you so many times, to your parents is a strange decision.
Moo-shin could have been a great character but he hardly gets any lines and it’s unclear why he has decided to like Eun-byul.
As for the gangster’s child, she wanted someone who will not suck up to her out of fear and is then busy, trying to change him and turn him into someone who will suck up to her.
The whole thing is very badly written. Just for example:
Sa-kang and Moo-shin have a clever plan to help Yi-san and Eun-byul meet but if Yi-san’s visit and race around the house was so spontaneous, how did Sa-kang and Moo-shin manage to be there at the right time, to fool everyone?
How and when did Mrs Hong decide to betray her employers trust and help Eun-byul ran away with her teacher and how did Sa-Kang and Moo-shin know about it?
Such a plan can work, only if everyone involved, knows about it ahead of time.
They say that a pistol that appears in the first act, fires in the third one but alas, despite the knowledge that Sun-hoo had a nasty “accident” that ended his career as a member of a boy-band and despite the fact that he told So-yi that he has received a phone call from the person who did it, who was perhaps a member of his boy-band, we don’t hear anything else about it, so why is it even part of the story?
What’s the point of telling us a useless detail about a character? It didn’t make me feel closer to him, it didn’t make him seem real, he didn’t get to sing or perform (apart from one, tiny bit) and the “accident” was made to be so mysterious that the audience must think that this mystery will be solved at the end, but it’s not.
The whole complication between Moo-shin and the police detective and the way in which it was solved, was really silly.
In short, this was a very slow torture.
I have nothing against Yang Dong-geun, he played his part well but sadly, he talks so slowly and so lazily that it made it almost impossible for me to watch the series.
I thought that perhaps, he was speaking this way because of the part and started watching another series of his, just to discover that this is indeed the way he naturally speaks.
No offence, perhaps it’s just me but it was hard to bare after a while.
I’ve watched this show because I wanted to see T.O.P’s debut series but he had such a tiny part and spent most of the time being silent and brooding.
Lee Min-ho was amusing and I was surprised and sad to see that Park Chae-kyung, who plays Sa-kang, didn’t take any acting jobs since 2007.
Favorite moment 1 – Moo-shin gives Eun-byul one his earrings.
Favorite moment 2 – Yi-san and Kim Woo-jin have to sleep together in the living room.
Favorite moment 3 – The students make a touching surprise for their absent Saem.

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Puberty: between winter and spring or Spring to winter or 사춘기 : 겨울과 봄 사이

This is a short musical movie, release by AKMU in January 2017, to promote their full album Spring Vol. 2.
The film shows an imaginary scenario in which the brother and sister fight and decide to part ways.
Chan-hyuk decides to shoot a new music video with the first person who passes by and is captured in the lens of his camera and Su-hyun wanders off and finds a handsome boy that she thinks that she likes.
The movies has snippets of their new album and is just sweet and funny but also a bit scary and weird.
Chan-hyuk is to enlist to the army right after AKMU’s comeback, I’m sure that Su-hyun will have no problem finding people to sing with but I will miss these two until they get back together again.

Here is the link to the short movie, I’m only posting it here because the movie was uploaded to AKMU’s official YouTube channel.
Watch the movie, buy the CD, they are a wonderful duo.

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Trick & True

A panel of celeb guests sit and watch as acts are being performed for them on stage, by magicians or scientists.
They have to guess if what they see are magic tricks or a scientific principle.
Once guessed, the right answer is being revealed, as well as an explanation behind the principle or magic trick.
It’s a great show for kids and adults alike.

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G-dragon videobombing :)

Videobombing according to Wikipedia is “the phenomenon of an unexpected appearance in a video of individuals who were not intended to be there by the operator of the camera or the individuals being filmed. The act of inserting oneself into someone else’s video is often done in order to play a practical joke on the cameraman or his subjects, and sometimes in a deliberate attempt to create a video that could go viral.”
Wikipedia on videobombing

Have you been watching a video and saw in the corner of your eye, someone familiar who didn’t really belong there?
It looks like G-dragon likes to videobomb YG artists videos.
I’ve found four of these and I bet that there are more around, I will add to this page if and when I find more.

The first video is 2NE1’s debut song, “Fire” (The street version).
You can totally miss that moment, when DG appears, dancing happily, just behind Minzy.
What was he doing there with this funny hat? Perhaps he was passing by and jumped into the frame?


I must admit that it wasn’t for the comments on this video, I would never have seen him there.
Watch as he plays the annoying brother at 03:16 😀 .

The second one is PSY’s “Hangover”.
This time, GD emerges from nowhere with a mic in his hang, mute singing god knows what, and waiting to sign an autograph for fan boy, Snoop dogg 😛 .


Watch him, as he appears, between Snoop dogg and PSY at 02:54 .

I guess the Taeyang’s “Ringa Ling” is not exactly videobombing but more of a “Hello, I’m here for my bro, listen to this cool song that I’ve written for him.”
Still… here he is again.


Taeyang looks mighty fine with that horse mane on his head.
This car with GD in it, appears more than once but the first appearance is at 01:19.

Last but not least, Daesung’s (AKA D-LITE) trot hit, “Look at me Gwisun”.
This is also more of a guest appearance than photobombing (again, it’s G-dragon who has written the song) and more so than in “Ringa Linga” but it’s still unexpected, plus Daesung is so amazingly funny here, that I just had to add this clip to the list.


The girls jump all over GD at 01:46.
Come on girls, Daesung has all of his original facial parts and he’s so adorable, give him a chance.

Do you know of any other such videobombing made by the dragon? Do tell and if suitable, I will add them to this page.

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Two versions – Eyes, nose, lips (Taeyang)

Yet again, three versions of the same song (although there at least three more versions that I didn’t include).
Let’s start off with the original version.
Darling Taeyang, singing a heart breaking love song to the woman that he is no longer with.
*Taeyang has admitted that he has written this song (co-written the lyrics with Teddy) about a woman that has broken his heart so it’s no wonder that he is so convincing.
Why does he have to be shirtless though? In any case, he looks great.

The second version is one that I really like.
The performers are the ever so adorable and talented AKMU.
These two are so talented that every cover version that they do (that I’ve listened to so far) equals and sometimes even surpasses the original. They add their own special flavor to the songs that they cover.
I love the way starts with no intro, Chanhyuk’s and Suhyun’s improvisations and their beautiful harmonies.

Taeyang’s original version is sad, AKMU’s version has a sort of sad but sweet vibe and then comes Tablo and shows everyone how to take a song which was written by someone else and make it your own.
Tablo has written English lyrics for the song and although Taeyang is featuring in this song, he takes the back seat here.
It’s still a song about a breakup but now it’s kind of creepy and quite dark.
“You wish me well,
I wish you hell.”
I think that this version captures well the bitterness and hate that a person can feel towards his ex, especially if she has moved on, while he still agonises over her and this bad relationship, that has left him scarred for life (or at least until he falls in love again).
Also, in the original version, it is clear that it’s the singer takes the blame for the end of the relationship(he speaks of being obsessed and perhaps hurting his loved one, he feels guilty), while in Tablo’s version, he clearly blames her and not himself.
In one version there is longing and in the other there is resentment.
Two approaches to a relationship that has ended.

*In a recent episode of Radio star, Taeyang revealed that he has written this song about his girlfriend Jung Eun-ran(AKA Min Hyo-rin), when they were broken up for a while.
Now, the lyrics have somehow an even stronger meaning for me.

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Running man (2010 – )

Oh fun, fun, fun 🙂 .
Two teams are competing against each other.
I’ve watched episodes 84-85 and 250 with “Big bang” and it was very funny and exciting and so I’ve also started watching this show from the first episode.
For me, it’s important to understand the running gags and to see where some nicknames and stories started from, so watching this show from the first episode is really a must 🙂 .
This is not the kind of show where the contestants have to eat nasty stuff or to walk about in their bathing suit, it’s just a fun, sportive kind of a show where people run around buildings or in later shows, urban areas, in order to find things and complete missions, it’s kind of like watching a computer quest game that you have no control over and quests are what I like best (it also rhymes so Yay! :)).
Many celebs take part in this show and it is never boring plus, when people get excited and competitive, you really get to see the real them and not the “I am so perfect” image that they are busy projecting all the time .
You want to see who gets ahead by playing fair and who is a cheat? This is the game for you.

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