Be with You or Because I love you or Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida (2018)

Ji-ho‘s mother drew a story book for him.
The story is a sad one, about a mother penguin and her son.
The mother penguin dies but looks from the sky and keeps guard of her son, until one day, during the rainy season, she comes back to him but then has to come back to the clouds.
After Soo-ah, Ji-ho’s mother dies, he keeps on reading the book she made for him, believing that she will come back to him, during the rainy season.
Ji-ho’s dad, is Woo-jin, a shy janitor in a high-school who had to give up his future career as an Olympic swimmer because of heart problems.
It’s one year after Soo-ah’s passing away, when the rainy season comes and a miracle happens as Soo-ah returns.
Sadly though, Soo-ah doesn’t remember her past life as a mother and a wife but as time goes by, she gets attached both to her husband and her son.
As the little family gets reunited and has to live together again, we also get to watch flashbacks, as Woo-jin tells her wife about how they’ve met and fell in love.
Will she have to return to the sky at the end of the rain season, just like the mother penguin in the story book does?
It’s a very touching and sweet movie, a nice watch on a rainy day.

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