On the way to the airport or Road to the Airport or Gonghang-ganeun Gil (2017)

Choi Soo-ah is a flight attendant and her husband, Park Jin-seok is a captain. The both work for the same airline
These two are very busy, so busy that they can’t possibly take care of their only daughter.
On her way home from a flight, Soo-ah is informed by Jin-seok, that he is sending their daughter, Park Hyo-eun, to study in an international school in Malaysia.
For some reason, Jin-seok wants to send his child away and is very disappointed that the plan to have her living and studying in New-Zealand, with his sister, has failed when she got hurt.
Song Mi-jin, Soo-ah’s friend and co worker, helped with picking Hyo-eun new school and living arrangement by consulting with someone that she knows.
That someone is her friend’s friend, Seo Do-Woo, a part time architecture teacher who’s daughter, Annie Seo studies in Malaysia.
Soo-ah shows no resistance whatsoever to her husbands heartless plan and despite Hyo-eun’s plies, accompanies her to her new life and school, abroad.
Annie Seo is in no hurry to get back to Korea, she doesn’t even want to come for visits. Her excuse is that missing Korea and not visiting, makes her stronger.
However, it looks like this strange excuse is exactly that.
Annie plans on coming back to Korea to visit her grandmother on her birthday but her mother stops her with a phone call, when she is at the airport.
As Annie runs out of the terminal while crying, disaster strikes as she gets hit by a car.
Annie wasn’t Do-woo’s biological daughter, he just married her mother but it’s obvious that her mother didn’t care about her too much.
Kim Hye-won, had Annie when she was very young.  By what she told Do-woo, Annie’s father neglected her and the baby but that’s no reason to treat your own daughter like trash.
She met Do-woon after she was accepted as an intern at his mother’s Korean knot center.
Do-woo came to visit Annie in Malaysia, he wanted her to come and visit Korea, he was on a plane to Malaysia when he heard of the accident and while Hye-won didn’t even bother to come, he was devastated when she died.
Hye-won didn’t attend Annie’s cremation and asked Do-woo not to bring her ashes back to Korea and to get rid of her things.
Yes, she did cry a bit but was more concerned with the thought that Annie might have hated her and perhaps has written something about it in her diary, than with the fact that Annie is gone.
In the span of twelve hours, Soo-ah, comes to fetch Hyo-eun from Malaysia, picks up Annie’s things on her way, talks with Do-woo in order to return Annie’s things to him and spends the night, sitting and speaking with him while waiting for her suitcase to arrive.
They become attached as Do-woo watched Soo-ah taking good care of Annie’s ashes and as Soo-ah watches Do-woo spreading some of Annie’s ashes in the Han river.
Jang Hyun-woo is Do-woo’s best friend and the owner of the bar just below the office where Do-woo works.
Hyun-woo is a witness to the beginning of Soo-ah’s and Do-woo’s relationship and he doesn’t like it too much.
The Parks and Hey-won do not seem to know what to do with their kids, it’s such a shame for the poor girls.
Captain Park thinks that being controlling and cruel is the right way, he treats his wife and daughter with contempt and for some reason, he plays a cruel “If you stop my goals, you can stay in Korea” football game with his daughter who loses and tells him how cruel and childish he is for taking pleasure in winning.
He sends Soo-ah and Hyo-eun away to live with his mother, as if they have no say in this.
Soo-ah is letting her husband take control over her life, she is not fighting him and even moving in with his mother.
Hyo-eun has a hard life being the daughter of a man who smiles at her only when there are strangers around, because he doesn’t want people to catch him being nasty to his own kid.
Although her mother tells her that her opinions will always be her priority, they want her to to live with her father’s sister in New-Zealand, when this plan doesn’t go through, she has to come back to school, to her mocking friends (after she said goodbye to them), then her father ships her off to Malaysia and then she is back at her old school again but living at her grandmother’s place.
How can this be healthy for this kid? Living with two parents who obviously don’t have the time, energy and skills to take good care of her?
Why is there a need to make Do-woo and Soo-ah partners look so bad? A selfish woman who wants any trace of her dead daughter to disappear and a selfish man who is keen on living a single man’s life despite the fact that he has a wife and daughter.
After Annie’s death, Do-woo goes to visit the place where he used to leave her a few times, so that she can meet her father but the man working there told him, that Annie didn’t have a father and she didn’t wait for anyone.
When Do-woo asks Hye-won, she tells him that Annie’s father was dead and she didn’t tell her.
Now Do-woo starts suspecting that something is wrong.
All of a sudden, this turns from a strange love story between two people who are not sure what’s going on, to a mystery?
Who is Annie’s father, why didn’t Hye-won want Annie to come back to Korea? Why did she want to get rid of all her things after here death, what was she really afraid of? When will Soo-ah grow a pair, leave her husband and live happily ever after with Do-woo? Why am I watching this series?
The writing is so bad that they need to ship both girls overseas for their parents to meet, when Soo-a gives Hye-won her glass of beer at the bar but instead of pouring into a plastic takeaway cup, Hye-won walks out with the beer glass in her hand… she still has it in her hand when she is in the car, on her way home.
Soo-ah just happens to find a brochure for the knot school and when she appears there and gets all stressed out when she meets Do-woo and someone calls his name, the two just join hands and run away.
Do-woo knows that his wife is inside and yet, he grabs Soo-ah’s hand, this really makes perfect sense only if he doesn’t care at all about Soo-ah’s good reputation and if he really, really wants to upset his bitchy wife.
This is the kind of writing where the writers force the characters into situations instead of thinking of natural and logical ways to achieve that situation, they invent stuff that doesn’t feel real or convincing.
Why does Jin-seok insist on sending Hyo-eun to study abroad no matter what? Just because he wants her to study English? Nope, it’s simply because Annie and Hyo-eun must study together so that Soo-ah and Do-woo can meet.
Can’t they study together in Korea? Yes, of course they can. Then why Malaysia? Because then, Soo-ah and Do-woo will have to spend the night together, in the airport while waiting for the suitcase with Annie’s stuff to arrive.
Jin-seok claustrophobia? What was that all about? Why is it important to the plot?
I think that at the last minute, the writers realized that no one cares about the bad husband and wife and tried to make them a bit more human, so Jin-seok crumbles at the thought of a separation and Hye-won starts working with kids?
It doesn’t make any sense.
Do-woo starts as a lovely guy with an unstable and selfish wife who hates her own daughter and wants to erase all traces of her once she is dead and all of a sudden, he turns into this creepy guy who chases after a married woman, follows her to her working places, bothers her on the plane…
Mi-jin is the friend from hell, I didn’t even manage to understand why she is such a total bitch to her best friend.
Why I didn’t like this drama:
The forced and often illogical plot line.
The actors are good but the characters are written in such a way that didn’t allow me to get attached to any of them. Perhaps the writers wanted to make a realistic drama but ended up creating something that it both amazingly cheesy and detached from any real feeling and cold.
Everything happens so slowly, the characters can just stand there, looking at each other without saying a word.
This trick can work when it’s a movie but not when it’s a drama with 16 episodes, I mean how many times can you repeat such a trick before it gets old and boring.
I will not even discuss the last few minutes of the drama when you hope for something and end with no real closure.
Why did I like this drama:
The main character’s dimple… I know that it’s not a good enough reason but I’m clutching at straws, since I really didn’t like this drama.
Favorite moment 1 – Do-woo reaches up for his photo on the ceiling of Annie’s bedroom.
Favorite moment 2 – Do-woo, Soo-ah and the wine glass

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