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One more happy ending or Hanbeon deo haepiending (2016)

A couple meets, gets married and as most couples do, tries to start a family. They are very much in love but conceiving problems, makes the woman draw away from her husband and their relationship. When at last they have … Continue reading

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My PS partner or Whatcha wearin’? or Naui P.S. pateuneo(2012)

Hyun-seun is sadly, still very much in love with So-yeon, his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that some time has passed since their breakup. After a party, where he found out that she was dating someone else and all of his … Continue reading

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Descendants of the Sun or Taeyang-ui huye (2016)

Yoo Si-jin (Big boss), captain of the alpha team and sergeant Major Seo Dae-young (wolf) are best buds. They have the cutest bromance ever. When helping to capture a motorcycle thief and then taking him to the hospital, the guys meet Dr. … Continue reading

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Master’s Sun or Jugun-ui taeyang (2013)

At first, I thought that this series is just weird but in fact, it’s kind of a ghostly detective series. Tae Gong-shil was a great student and a highly admired and loved girl, when she had a horrible accident. She … Continue reading

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