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Kwon Ji-yong (AKA G-dragon)

Since I found that the more I wait with posting this, the longer the post gets and I might never finish it, I am making things short-ish and sweet. G-dragon is a box filled with wonders – A singer/song writer, … Continue reading

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Nam Taehyun

This post has been one that I’ve been planning for a while now and I’m glad that I’m finally going to publish it. Last year, I was introduced to the whole boy band documentary scene, when watching “Big bang”. I … Continue reading

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Watching “Weekly idol” is a great way to get to know new… well, idols :). Bolbbalgan4 is a duo, a great duo of two slightly awkward, young women who really know how to write songs and perform them. Woo Ji-yoon plays … Continue reading

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Kang Dae-sung or Daesung or D-Lite (Big bang)

When I was in high-school, I had a classmate who was always smiling. I’ve met her again, about two years ago in a class reunion and when I’ve told her that I remember her always laughing, she said:”If only you knew … Continue reading

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Puberty: between winter and spring or Spring to winter or 사춘기 : 겨울과 봄 사이

This is a short musical movie, release by AKMU in January 2017, to promote their full album Spring Vol. 2. The film shows an imaginary scenario in which the brother and sister fight and decide to part ways. Chan-hyuk decides … Continue reading

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G-dragon videobombing :)

Videobombing according to Wikipedia is “the phenomenon of an unexpected appearance in a video of individuals who were not intended to be there by the operator of the camera or the individuals being filmed. The act of inserting oneself into … Continue reading

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Two versions – Eyes, nose, lips (Taeyang)

Yet again, three versions of the same song (although there at least three more versions that I didn’t include). Let’s start off with the original version. Darling Taeyang, singing a heart breaking love song to the woman that he is … Continue reading

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