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Bubblegum or Pungseonkkeom (2015)

Park Ri-hwan has a private western medicine clinic. Kim Haeng-ah is a radio show producer. These two are best friends and even grew up together in the same house, after Haeng-ah’s parents have died. Ri-hwan’s mother, Park Sun-young, is afraid that … Continue reading

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Bewitching Attraction or Yeogyosu-ui eunmilhan maeryeok (2006)

Cho Eun-sook is a professor at a small university, who has slept with most of her colleagues. She has no problem, using her body to get what she wants. When she meets reporter Kim Young-ho, she thinks that she has … Continue reading

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Cafe Noir or Kape Neuwareu (2009)

Lee Young-soo is a music teacher who has an affair with Mi-yun, his colleague. Mi-yun is married and when her husband returns, she breaks up with Young-soo who is roaming the city, depressed. Still waiting for his love to return … Continue reading

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The art of seduction (2005)

Han Ji-won is a beautiful banker, Seo Min-jun is a handsome architect. They are both experts at the art of seduction and they never fail. These two meet and although they find each other attractive, they are locked in a … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day traditions

So yes, today is Valentine’s day and all over the world, lovers are giving each other chocolate hearts, teddy bears, jewels and twirling, sparkling, blinking stuff in red and pink, is all around. In South Korea though, the 14th of … Continue reading

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3 Iron or Bin-jip (2004)

Tae-suk is a talented young man (with no criminal record) who breaks into empty homes in order to find food and a place to sleep. He doesn’t steal anything and while he is there, he repairs broken things, does the laundry … Continue reading

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My little bride or Eorin sinbu (2004)

Bo-eun‘s and Sang-min‘s grandparents were best friends. They vowed that one day, their kids will get married but since they both had sons, the promise carried on to the next generation. In a moment of weakness, Bo-eun surrenders to her … Continue reading

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