3 Iron or Bin-jip (2004)

Tae-suk is a talented young man (with no criminal record) who breaks into empty homes in order to find food and a place to sleep.
He doesn’t steal anything and while he is there, he repairs broken things, does the laundry and cleans the house.
In one of these houses, he meets Sun-hwa, a former model who is abused by her husband.
When the husband returns home and tries to force himself on Sun-hwa, Tae-sun hits him with golf balls and leaves the house with Sun-hwa.
I must say that placing ads on keyholes as a way of knowing whether or not the occupants are at home is not such a great idea.
It’s a movie from 2004, I am not very old but if I remember correctly, people had washing machines even back then, so why are Tae-sun and Sun-hwa doing the washing on the floor of the bathroom with a bar of soap?
Other than that, it’s a good movie about a strange relationship.

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