Bubblegum or Pungseonkkeom (2015)

Park Ri-hwan has a private western medicine clinic. Kim Haeng-ah is a radio show producer.
These two are best friends and even grew up together in the same house, after Haeng-ah’s parents have died.
Ri-hwan’s mother, Park Sun-young, is afraid that the friendship between her son and Haeng-ah might hurt her sons’s chances at finding a bride and she tries to separate them.
Kang Seok-jun is Haeng-ah’s ex boyfriend, he is also the director of the radio station where she works.
Haeng-ah ended their relationship because she felt that he is not paying her enough attention and always places his job before her.
Seok-jun on the other hand, didn’t want to end the relationship and still cares for her.
Hong Yi-seul is a dentist from a rich family, who went on an arranged date with Ri-hwan and has fallen in love with him.
Kwon Ji-hoon is Ri-hwan’s partner in the clinic and also his roommate. He spends most of his time drinking or getting over his hangover, this is the reason why his relationship with No Tae-hee who works at the radio station, has ended.
He wants to get back with her but she is interested in Jo Dong-il, the station’s manager who still carries a torch for his ex-wife.
Ye Joon-soo, the rookie writer for radio show, is in love with Oh Se-young, the vain DJ who is much older than he is.
Although there is certainly some drama in this, there are also many funny moments and I really liked the chemistry between Lee Dong-wook and Jung Ryeo-won and the scenes where they kid around.
The more I see of Lee Jong-hyuk, the more I like him. He is a fine actor, whether it’s a dramatic role or a comedic one.
Park Won-sang is also great, although I was shocked to see that he is only 46 years old, he looks so much older but age has little to do with acting (unless you are not twenty anymore and are working as an actress in the states).
I love, love, love Kim Ri-na’s acting but I fear that the writers didn’t bother much with her character. Still, she made the best of what she had and has managed to win my sympathy, despite the fact that her character wasn’t very nice to her lovable, yet very childish ex boyfriend.
At the end of the last episode there are still quite a few unfinished story lines, which is kind of strange. considering the fact that nothing much is happening on the last episode. They ha d plenty of time to tie things together.
I also must say that this is the second time that I see a mother adapting childlike behavior, this time is an illness but in both series (The other one that I refering to is “Hotel king“), the mothers are well cared for by their loving sons which strangely happen to be Lee Dong-wook 😀 .
Favorite moment 1 – Tae-hee is speaking with Haeng-ah about Dong-il’s rejection when Se-young comes in. They don’t want her to understand what they are speaking about and so they start speaking by using song names.
Favorite moment 2 – Ri-hwang sings a song for Haeng-ah. The sweet part is that Lee Dong-wook is not a singer, as opposed to other actors who started out in boy bands and then moved to acting, he is an actor and although he starred in some music videos, he never sang (to the best of my knowledge).
Here, he sings and although his character is shy about it and quite embarrassed, he is doing a nice job.
Not being in love with your voice is one of the best way to win the listeners heart and Ri-hwang shyly smiles his way into my heart with this song.

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