A millionaire’s first love or Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang (2006)

Kang Jae-kyung is a rich punk who does as he pleases, in and out of school.
He parties hard, beats people up, skips school, rides his motorbike through its corridors and basically, thinks that money can fix everything.
On his 18th birthday, he discovers to his dismay that he will not inherit his grandfather’s fortune, unless he graduates from high-school.
In order to do so, he is stripped of all of his rich boy’s privileges and toys and must travel to a far off village (by bus instead of his fancy car). If he fails to graduate, the inheritance will go to charity.
Jae-kyung is forced to live in an old house and on his trip to the grocery store, he bumps into Choi Eun-hwan, a girl that he has met before, in his grandfather’s hotel.
Jae-kyung plans on being expelled from school but soon enough, he finds himself falling for Eun-hwan.
I will never understand why these “Boy meets girl as kids and they fall in love but have to part and then they meet as adult” theme is so popular in Korean series and movies, I must say that it doesn’t serve any purpose here, this love story doesn’t benefit from this history and Jae-kyung looks kind of silly for erasing all of his memories (as if such a thing is even possible).
If the high-schoolers have chosen to perform “The sound of music”, why aren’t they using the original music? The parting scene between Jae-kyung and Eun-hwan when they were kids, can’t possibly be part of the musical, so why were they rehearsing it? Just to make Jae-kyun remember? What silly writing is this?
The chemistry between the actors is so so but they are both good actors.
It feel as if the film does not end but is just strangely cut off at the end with no logic as to why they’ve chosen these words to end with.
In any case, I would recommend this movie to people who are quick to cry and love cheesy love stories. It’s all there, the scene in the rain, the bike ride, a nice scene in the garden with a water hose… it’s a bit like watching bits and pieces of “Winter Sonata” with younger actors and with water instead of snow.
Watch it if only for Hyun bin with pig tails.

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