Cafe Noir or Kape Neuwareu (2009)

Lee Young-soo is a music teacher who has an affair with Mi-yun, his colleague.
Mi-yun is married and when her husband returns, she breaks up with Young-soo who
is roaming the city, depressed. Still waiting for his love to return to him.
Another colleague of his, Mi-yun, is in love with him but he can’t return her love.
One night he saves Sun-hwa, a young woman who has been followed by a strange man, who has been bothering her.
Sun-Hwa shares her story with him, she too is waiting for her love but it looks like he has abandoned her.
She puts her trust in Young-soo and thinks of him as a big brother, although he seems to think that she might be the new love that he has been searching for.
The image of Sun-hwa, walking at night, along the canal with a flickering lamp in her hand and Young-soo following her at a safe distance, is beautiful, reassuring and disturbing at the same time.
He is guarding her but also following the unstable light of human connection that he has found.
Here is an example of what you can expect when you watch this movie: A delivery girl enters a restaurant to deliver a package to a woman.
After the package has been delivered, the girl sits down at Young-soo’s table. He doesn’t know her but she asks for a sip of his coke and he agrees.
She doesn’t leave a drop in the glass and while she is speaking with him, we can see in the twisted mirror that’s on the wall, the reflection of the woman who has received the package. She is opening it and then, setting it on fire.
It’s a strange, slow and poetic movie. For me, the second part was more interesting and coherent than the first part.
Shin Ha-gyun is great as the tormented music teacher, I’ve only watched him in “Mr Baek” and I was happy to see that he has such an amazing career as a movie star.

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