My little bride or Eorin sinbu (2004)

Bo-eun‘s and Sang-min‘s grandparents were best friends. They vowed that one day, their kids will get married but since they both had sons, the promise carried on to the next generation.
In a moment of weakness, Bo-eun surrenders to her grandfather’s pressure and agrees to get married.
After the marriage though, marriage life must begin.
The marriage is kept a secret, Sang-min starts an internship as an art teacher at Bo-eun’s school and she starts dating Lee Jung-woo.
As the credits roll, we get to see a few bloopers and scenes that were cut from the movie. And so, in the movie, Sang-min pulls sleepy Bo-eun into his arms and as the credits roll we see what happens next, when poor Sang-min discovers that when you let your girl fall asleep on your arm, your arm feels numb and hurts like hell :D.
The idea of two kids getting married because of some promise which was made by their grandparents is creepy but the movie itself is amusing and cute.

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