Valentine’s day traditions

So yes, today is Valentine’s day and all over the world, lovers are giving each other chocolate hearts, teddy bears, jewels and twirling, sparkling, blinking stuff in red and pink, is all around.
In South Korea though, the 14th of each month are “love days” where couples do things with or for each other.
The 14th of January is the day where couples buy each other a diary, as a symbol of the new year.
The 14th of February is Valentine’s day but only the women buy gifts for the men that they are interested in.
On March the 14th (White day), the men give the ladies gifts and if they give the gift to the women who bought a present for them, the previous month, it’s a match :).
The unlucky men who were not given any gifts are left to eat their loneliness in the shape and taste of jjajangmyun, on April the 14th (or Black day).
May the 14th is rose and yellow day in which couples dress in yellow and exchange roses.
June the 14th is kiss day, you can guess what’s going on on this day :D.
On the 14th of July, couple exchange silver rings.
Green day is on the 14th of August and is dedicated to drinking soju (the bottle is green so it’s a good excuse :)) and going for a romantic walk.
On the 14th of September, couples are going to have their photos taken and spend time in karaoke rooms, singing their hearts out :).
October the 14th is wine day, when single people drink to forget that they are alone and couples drink because they are not.
November the 14th is dedicated to movies and couples are filling the movie theaters and movie rooms.
On December the 14th, the Korean couple hug all over the place because it’s hug day.
This tradition just goes to show the importance of finding love in Korea, where the women usually get married at a young age.
I guess that being single in a country where one day each month is dedicated to doing things as a couple, is not so great and still, I find it cute that they dedicate one day to the poor single folks :D.

South Korea’s love days

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