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One more happy ending or Hanbeon deo haepiending (2016)

A couple meets, gets married and as most couples do, tries to start a family. They are very much in love but conceiving problems, makes the woman draw away from her husband and their relationship. When at last they have … Continue reading

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Master’s Sun or Jugun-ui taeyang (2013)

At first, I thought that this series is just weird but in fact, it’s kind of a ghostly detective series. Tae Gong-shil was a great student and a highly admired and loved girl, when she had a horrible accident. She … Continue reading

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Mr. Baek or Mr. Back or Miseuteo Baek (2014)

Eun Ha-soo is a sweet and caring woman who finds a temporary job at the large hotel, owned by Choi Go-bong, an greedy and unpleasant old man. When Go-bong attends a charity event, meant for an old folks home, he … Continue reading

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Successful story of a young girl or Myeongrangsonyeo seonggonggi (2002)

Cha Young-soon lives in a small village with her grandmother who takes care of her when her parents travel around, hiding from the police and looking for swindling opportunities. One day, two women burst into her school and force her … Continue reading

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Bubblegum or Pungseonkkeom (2015)

Park Ri-hwan has a private western medicine clinic. Kim Haeng-ah is a radio show producer. These two are best friends and even grew up together in the same house, after Haeng-ah’s parents have died. Ri-hwan’s mother, Park Sun-young, is afraid that … Continue reading

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3 Iron or Bin-jip (2004)

Tae-suk is a talented young man (with no criminal record) who breaks into empty homes in order to find food and a place to sleep. He doesn’t steal anything and while he is there, he repairs broken things, does the laundry … Continue reading

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Late Autumn or Manchu (2010)

When Anna was young, she fell in love with her brother’s best friend with whom she grew up. They were a couple until he suddenly drew away. After she got married to someone else, her ex came back to her … Continue reading

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