Story of the first king’s four gods or Legend or Taewangsashingi (2007)

This series is partly based on a legend, myth and history.
It starts with a story of war between two tribes:
The tiger clan a warrior tribe has conquered and assimilated all other tribes on earth apart from the bear clan.
The tiger’s clan leader, Kajin and the bear’s clan member Sae-oh were both in love with Hwan-woong, the song of god, who couldn’t bare to see the people of earth, killing each other and so he took the power of fire from Kajin and gave it to Sae-oh, with whom he fell in love.
In her jealously, Kajin tries to kill Sae-oh and Hwan-woong’s baby but has only managed to upset Sae-oh so much that her anger and sadness releases the black phoenix who starts wracking havoc on earth.
Hwan-woong has to call three gods – the white tiger, the blue Dragon and the turtle snake to fight the black phoenix but when they could not beat it, Hwan-woong had to shoot and kill Sae-woon.
Right after that, Kajin throws herself off of a cliff and dies as well but the baby is saved by his father.
So far, a funny, funny tale but wait because it’s a great series.
Hwan-woong locks the gods in four artifacts and entrusted them to four people from four different places and tells them that the artifacts will wake when the real Jyushin king will be born.
Centuries later, the reincarnations of Kajin and Sae-oh are sisters who are in love with Damdeok, the reincarnation of Hwan-woong, who must fight to get his crown and find the four artifacts in order to awaken the guardians who serve the future king.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Hwacheon clan (which was once the tiger clan) works to make Damdeok’s cousin, Yeon Hogae, the king.
This series was made over the period of two years, it’s very well made, I fell madly in love with the future king and Cheoro and got so attached to certain characters that I had a very hard time watching the last chapter and fearing that someone might die.
It’s highly recommended, I love it to bits.

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