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Kim Gun-hak and Baek Da-jung, remaking a home (One more happy ending)

There once was a rich man, who fell in love with a beautiful girl who was part of a K-pop girl group called “Angels”. They got married and lived happily ever after… if only. Baek Da-jung, the beautiful wife wants … Continue reading

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In between chubby Sam-soon and skinny Ji-ahn (My lovely Sam-soon, I do I do)

A note before we begin, when I’ve first watched “My lovely Sam-soon”, many years ago, I thought that Sam-soon was really pretty and thin. I didn’t understand what the whole fuss was about the actress gaining weight to play the … Continue reading

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Hee-jin, the smiling ex girlfriend (My lovely Sam-soon)

Here’s another character that I’m going to write about – Kim Hee-jin from “My lovely Sam-soon”. Who is Hee-jin? She is the mythological ex-girlfriend of the rich and handsome Hyun Jin-heon. At the beginning of the series, we meet Hee-jin aboard … Continue reading

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The mysterious and crazy Kim Shin-hyuk (She was pretty)

There we go again with yet another character who is not the lead but seems to live an interesting life away from the limelight. Si-woon is a famous star, thanks to his crazy personality and his part in the “Super … Continue reading

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