My lovely Sam-soon or My name is Kim Sam-soon or Nae ireumeun Kim Sam-soon (2005)

I adore this series and I’ve watched it countless times over the years.
As I understood, this series created quite a buzz because there weren’t too many series about women over 30 at that time and the star, Kim Sun-ah gained a few kilos to look the part.
So this series is about a chubby pastry chef who is in her thirties and unmarried.
Min Hyun-woo, her boyfriend never spends Christmas eve with her (he claims that there is always a staff meeting that day… as if) and as the first episode of the series begins, it’s Christmas eve and we see Kim Sam-soon, stalking him outside his hotel room door with a cheese grater in her hand.
She knows that he’s been cheating on her and we see what’s going on in her imagination as she plans on killing herself and coming back to haunt him.
Hyun-woo takes Sam-soon down to the hotel’s lobby, where he breaks up with her in a very cold and unfeeling way while Hyun Jin-heon, the owner of “Bon Appetit” restaurant and the son of the hotel’s owner, just happens to be on an arranged date and sits right behind her.
Jin-heon is the survival of a horrible car accident that has killer his brother and his sister in law and left him and his niece alive and traumatized.
Tiny Hyun Mi-joo has not uttered a word ever since the accident, she is going to start going to school soon and her grandmother, the frightening Na Hyun-sook, wants her son to find a bride that will take her to school, just like her mother would have done, had she been alive.
Come to think of it, what a rotten thing for a mother to do.
Isn’t it enough that Jin-heon feels guilty about driving the car when the accident happened, he also needs to feel guilty for staying single because there is no one to take Mi-joo to school? Bad, bad Mrs Na 😡 .
Jin-heon and Sam-soon meet again as he finds her peeping into his restaurant’s kitchen right after she was in the “Bon apettie” restaurant for a job interview and was rejected.
After tasting one of her cakes (that she throws in his face), Jin-heon runs after Sam-soon to offer her a job as a pastry chef.
Hyun Jin-heon’s heart has turned into stone ever since his girlfriend, Yoo Hee-jin, has left the country while he was in the hospital after the accident and hasn’t been in any kind of contact, for three years.
He has no intention to look for a new love but since his mother is pestering him about it, he decides to lead her on and so he asks Sam-soon to date him and makes her sign a dating contract.
Hyun-woo is to get married to Sam-soon’s former classmate, Jang Chae-ri and the engagement ceremony is to take place in Jin-heon’s restaurant.
Regardless on his upcoming wedding, Hyun-woo, has no problem bothering Sam-soon with his courtship.
Meanwhile, Sam-soon’s sister, the lovely and divorced Kim Yi-young, is being courted by “Bon apettite”s shef, Lee Hyun-moo and there is much hilarity going on.
It’s all fun and games until Hee-jin comes back from the states with Dr. Henry Kim, a very handsome friend of hers.
It’s funny, it’s touching, it’s full of imagination and is just a fun series to watch.
Favorite moment 1 – Jin-heon and Hyun-woo are fighting over Sam-soon, this trigger a fight between Chae-ri and Sam-soon. When the guys notice the girl fight, the stop for a moment, exchange a confused and yet interested look between them and then run to separate the fighting women apart.
Favorite moment 2 – After desperately trying to get rid of the pig doll that Sam-soon has left in his house, Jin-heon resorts to strangling it, on the sidewalk.
Favorite moment 3 – Jin-heon is watching Hee-jin while is sleeping. It’s such a tender moment and perfectly executed by the two actors.

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