Seung-hyun or T.O.P (Bigbang)

Funnily enough, the first time that I’ve seen T.O.P was in a “Secret garden” parody.
This was some time before I knew that there is a band called “Bigbang” and was sure that these guys had a TV show where they made these kind of parodies.
Since T.O.P was very nice but not half as nice as Hyun Bin, I didn’t bother with looking up more details about him or the others and went on with my life, until a few months ago, a friend of mine was shocked to hear that I don’t know who G-dragon is and have never listened to “Bigbang”.
Her exact word were:”You don’t know who G-dragon is? Why, he is like the Moses of popular Korean music.”

Full of shame, I’ve started listening to G-dragon’s music and then moved to “Bigbang”s music (which is also G-dragon’s music with additions) and then, because I liked his rapping, I looked up T.O.P’s songs and found “Doom dada”.

This is, how shall I put it? A kick-ass song.
The video reminded me of Dali, an artist that I love to death and also of old, black and white cult movies and “Planet of the apes”, that I’ve watched as a kid.
This, along with his great, low voice and the cool lyrics, made me a very happy person.
My conclusion after watching this clip was that I quite like this T.O.P fellow and would like to know more about him, to see if there is a functioning brain in his handsome skull.

I came back to the “Bigbang” parody and also watched other videos and found T.O.P to be talented, very funny, deliciously weird (in a good way), painfully shy (by the look of it, I really don’t know him at all) and as expected, a smart guy despite being a big, tall baby.
I also had a pleasant surprise when I started following his Instagram page and saw that he into art.
Some of it I know, some of it I like and some of it makes me raise my eyebrows so high that they reach the back of my neck.
It is, however, always interesting.
As for his series and movies, I have yet to watch them… some day, when I have the time 😛 .
Like any good one-sided relationship with a star who doesn’t know of your existence, one must leave room for more.
In short, if you are looking for an interesting musical experience, listen to this guy, he is all sorts of awesome.

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