Please Teach Me English or Yeongeo Wanjeon Jeongbok (2003)

Allow me to warn you in advance, this is a horrible movie.
It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy but the characters are shallow and undeveloped so you don’t feel any sympathy for any of them and the story line is just plain stupid.
Other than that, it’s a movie shot with a video camera and not with film.
The only reason to watch this, is if you like any of the actors. I’ve watched because of Jang Hyuk, although the acting here is really bad.
Na Young-ju (who, for some reason is said to be unattractive, although she has the cutest face) works as a civil servant at a governmental office.
One day an English speaking costumer walks in but can’t get any service because non of the workers can speak in English.
As a result, it is decided that one of the workers should be sent to an English class and Na Young-ju is picked to be the one.
She is having a very hard time studying but falls in love with her fellow classmate, the ever so horny Park Mun-su.
Park Mun-su hits on every attractive woman that he meets and that includes the women that he serves as a shoe-seller at a department store and his English teacher, Cathy. In fact, the only woman that he finds to be unattractive, is poor Young-ju.
He studies English to communicate with his sister, Victoria, who grew up in the states.
All the students in the English class have to pick an American name for themselves (don’t ask me why) so Park Mun-su becomes Elvis and Na Young-ju becomes Candy.
Somewhere along the way (it’s unclear how or why), Elvis moves from courting the English teacher to falling in love with Young-ju whom he thought to be very unattractive when he first met her so at least there is one good thing about this movie, in the end, the ugly duckling ends up with her prince charming.

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