Hyena (2006)

I’ve watched the adorable “A gentleman’s dignity” just before I’ve watched this and although there are four guys there and also here, the two series couldn’t be more different.
Hyena is like AGD’s evil brother and not in a cool, attractive sort of a way.
Kim Min-Jong who was so charming and likable in AGD, plays Kim Chul-soo, a very unlucky guy who for some reason, decides (at the advice of his friend) to take advantage of drunk women at a club, the night before his wedding.
He fails and since he also thinks that drinking in a good idea, he is late for his own wedding and then finds himself without a wedding and without a wife.
Chul-soo works as a TV producer but is so unlucky that something bad always happens before he has the chance to make his debut.
Since he started the series with what appears to be the rape of his wife to be (who was then his girlfriend), I didn’t really like him but kudos to Min-jong for his acting.
Next there is the advising friend, Choi Jin-sang, who is a very unattractive man and seems to always have sex on his mind but sadly, he is not good at making love and so he is busy with taking Viagra pills (when he is alone :S) or eating all kinds of supposedly potent increasing food like frogs and sea horses.
He is always advising his friends in love matters and they take his advice without knowing what a loser he is.
Lee Seok-jin is a handsome food adviser and cooking instructor who has his own cooking TV show.
Seok-jin was in a relationship with Lee Jeong-yun but then he fell in love with a man and decided to abandon Jeong-yun without a word, apart from an enigmatic postcard that he left for her in his empty apartment.
What a grownup thing to do.
Five years later’when Jeong-yun sees him on her wedding day, she leaves her groom at the alter and starts chasing Seok-jin, whom she still loves.
None of Seok-jin’s three friends know that he is gay and when his boyfriend (who becomes a famous actor and decides to get married to the woman that he was dating, in hope of misleading the press and fooling his fans into thinking that he is straight) breaks up with him and Jeong-yun re-appears in his life, Seok-jin decides to (foolishly) try dating her again.
This decision probably stems from his jealousy at Chul-soo and Jeong-yun’s easy and light friendship, he just wants to be in a simple relationship where he doesn’t need to lie and hide but alas, when you lie to yourself and to your friends, things do not end well.
Choi Jin-beom is Jin-sang’s younger and saner brother, he is a TV producer who works with Chul-soo.
Poor Jin-beom can’t find love, mainly because he is constantly testing his dates. I guess that IQ tests are more important than just having a nice talk over coffee.
Just when he thinks that he has find the one for him, his first love from high-school returns to town and he finds that he is still in love with her.
Now he is torn between two women, the poor guy 😀 .
Lee Jeong-yun is the drunk girl that Chul-soo tries to pick up at a club, the night before his wedding. She is also the girl that Seok-jin abandons.
After this strange breakup, Jeong-yun goes to the states to study medicine and she returns to Korea five years later to get married.
On her marriage day, right after she gets out of the limo that brings her to the wedding hall, she spots Seok-jin getting into a car with his friends, after Chul-soo’s wedding was called off and starts chasing him. Since their breakup was so sudden and weird, she wants to know what has happened but Seok-jin doesn’t want to tell her.
She decides not to let go of him despite the fact that all through their past “relationship”, they’ve have never even kissed.
She draws a strange living together contract and forces Seok-jin to take her into his home for three months. I can’t think why he would agree to this bad deal but he does and she doesn’t give up even when she finds out that he is gay.
Exaggerated acting, stupid situations, poop, pee and fart humor… the only thing that saves this series from being a complete and utter kakafest are the actors, or at least three of the male actors because Yoon Da-hoon who plays Choi Jin-sang is truly a very bad actor.

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