Boys over flowers or Hana Yori Dango (2009)

This series is quite a phenomena althouh I really don’t know why. Perhaps reading the manga or watching the Japaneese version will shed some light on the mystery but I don’t have the time or the energy to find out.

In any case, this started out as a Japanese manga series which was made into a Japanese TV series and then had a Korean version.
I’m writing about the Korean version since it’s the one that I was watching.
If you are looking for something very light to watch, this is it.
Don’t look for logic in the plot because there isn’t any and the acting is not very good as well but I’m pretty sure that it’s not the actors fault as there is nothing much to work with.
It’s basically the story of a Jan-di, a girl from a low class family who finds herself studying at a very prestigious and exclusive private school on a swimming scholarship. How did she get there? She saved the life of one of the students who was tormented to the point of  suicide by a group of four guys, called the “Flower four” or F4.
The F4 are a group of very rich and very powerful guys who are the heirs of their parents furtune and they dominate the school with terror.
They are famous not only at school but also outside of it and are always greeted by a crowd of screaming fans.
Sound like fun, right?
The first guy of the gang that she bumps into is Jun-pyo who is a spoiled, selfish and violent guy with a bad perm.
Jun-pyo has an evil mother and a cool older sister, he is also dead afraid of water because he was kidnapped and the kidnappers car fell into the lake with the kid still inside it… hmm :/ .
He falls in love with Jan-di, supposedly because she is the only one who stands up to him at school but the real reason as I see it, is her attraction to his good friend, Ji-hoo.
Ji-hoo is a sensitive musician who can play the guitar without changing the chords. That’s right, his fingers rest comfortably on the fretboard without moving and the chord change themselves. It’s like magic.
He likes Jan-di and protects her, he is always there (up to the point of being creepy) and he is pretty cute (apart from his ginger hair and his girlish clothes).
Ji-hoo was in a car accident that has killed both of his parents and thus, he is afraid of driving… hmm :/ .
Jan-di falls for him at first but since he is in love with a beautiful model, she moves on to someone who will treat her really badly, Jun-pyo.
There are also two other guys who take the back seat in this series and they are Yi-jung who is a potter and Woo-bin who has a shady father… probably the head of some crime organisation. This makes Woo-bin quite depressed at times but he still uses his father’s men to save a needing friend, that is, to save stupid Jan-di who always gets herself in trouble.
Yi-jung or “magic fingers” :P, ends up with Jan-di’s best friend, Ga Eul (who is pretty cool), and they are the only reason to watch this series.
Jan Di, starts off as being a spunky and independent girl but turns out to be a weakling who has to be saved and dominated by rich guys.
She is constantly confused, she is with one guy but is willing to go with another, she lies for no reason, the guys drag her around, they dress her up.
She is like a living doll and for some reason, she keeps on making faces and she also eats like a pig.
Was this part of the original Manga that this series is based on? She simply can’t control herself and at some point, she walks into some guy’s dormitory and starts eating his ramen noodles. WTF? :O Control yourself girl.
People get sick from a walk in the rain or indeed, standing outside for a short while and yet they insist on standing in the rain or snow for hours and hours.
People fall asleep at the speed of light, they also tend to fall down unconscious in the street when feeling sad and stressed.
Jan-di puts herself in dangerous situations time and again and has to be rescued.
Once she is safe, she always wakes up in one of the guys’ beds. She is a real bed hopper.
Watch this if you are into metrosexual guys, weak girls and silly situations.
It’s fun to watch only if you don’t take any of it seriously, just don’t think and everything will be fine.

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