Seducing Mr. perfect or Seducing Mr. Robin (2006)

Yikes! What a horrible movie, the only ray of light there is sweet Daniel Henney and not for his acting but for his beauty and grace.
It’s the story of Min-june, who is someone that men always break up with and blame her for it. She looks old for her age and quite pathetic so I can sort of understand them.
While eating out, she finds her boyfriend dining with another woman and he takes the opportunity to break up with her, lovely.
Min-june who is distraught by the breakup, has a little car accident and that’s how she meets Robin Heiden, who just happens to be her new boss.
Robin Heiden starts teaching Min-june how to manipulate guys but ends up falling in love with her, don’t ask me why because I don’t know. At the end of the movie he claims that he has loved her since the first day that they’ve met, this explains why he was busy insulting her all the time 😡 . Shame on the writers for these stupid and insulting dialogues.
They say that the interesting thing about this movie is that the woman speaks in Korean and the man speaks in English, I guess that it was easier on Daniel Henney who was born and raised in the states but it doesn’t save the movie from being terrible.
The acting is so bad that you just have to laugh, so it is indeed a romantic comedy. The plot is weak… really, even the end is not exactly an end and it leaves you feeling confused.
Don’t bother watching and if you insist on watching it anyway, don’t come crying to me 🙂 .

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