Nam Taehyun

This post has been one that I’ve been planning for a while now and I’m glad that I’m finally going to publish it.
Last year, I was introduced to the whole boy band documentary scene, when watching “Big bang”.
I started looking for other such videos and found a doc about “Winner”.
After watching that, I’ve also watched “Who’s next :Winner”.
One thing that stood out in both these programs, was the fact that Taehyun’s writing and composing skills were approved and supported by Yang Hyun-suk (YG’s CEO).
I think that basically, Taehyun had the great luck of landing in a company that respected his style and didn’t try to shape him into yet another hit machine maker and so, instead of getting a “Big bang” wannabe, we got songs like “Sentimental” and “Baby baby”.
On the other hand though, I got the feeling that Taehyun wasn’t really happy.
At one point he admitted that at times, he is not sure if this is what he wanted to do.
At last, at the end of 2016, after “Winner” went on a very long hiatus and all kinds of rumors were spread, Taehyun has left “Winner” and YG.
Since I was in the middle of watching “Who’s next : Winner”, I felt a little cheated 😀 but also very worried.
Moving from getting supported by such a strong company as YG to being on your own, no matter how talented you are, is hard.
I don’t know what health issues Taehyun was fighting but I was cheering for him all the way and started following his IG and Soundcloud account, to see what he was up to.
Gladly, he kept on creating, then he gathered musicians and formed a new band called “South club”.
Shortly after that, he established his own label and tomorrow (or in fact, today, since it’s already the 26.5.2017), a new song and video are going to be revealed.
Am I excited? Yes, I am.
Why am I so happy for Nam Taehyun? Well, for me it’s the victory of talent over the system.
Not everyone were ment to be singing and dancing machines in a boy band, where the way you look and sound are being decided for you by other people and you constantly have to do things as part of a group.
Taehyun is obviously an individual that wanted to pave his own way in the musical scene and I hope that he will be successful.
I think that he is destined for great things, what do you think?

Here is Namtae and “South club” in their second single and MV.
I love it, don’t you?

Here is “South club”s first song and MV:

Here is “Winner”s Taehyun, singing “I’m young”.
By the way, have you noticed that we never got to see how Taehyun has escaped from the apartment without being discovered by his ex-girl’s man? It was the closet for one moment and then a sad walk down the street.

Here’s the link to Taehyun’s account on Soundcloud

Nam Tae-hyun left “Winner” according to YG entertainment/

Tae-hyun to perform on-stage for the first time since leaving “Winner”

Taehyun creates his own music label, “South buyers club”


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