Jealousy incarnate or Jiltueui hwasin (2016)

Pyo Na-ri is weather girl who works as a temp at SBC TV station.
She has failed the auditions for an anchorwoman and what’s even worst, she still has to work as a temp, along with the women against whom she competed, for the anchorwoman’s spot. They are now regular workers at SBC.
In order to support her teenage brother, Pyo Chi-yeol, who is the number one student in his high-school, Na-ri volunteers to do odd jobs at SBC, in hope that her hard work will be a appreciated and she will be promoted.
Lee Hwa-shin is an arrogant Korean foreign correspondent who has been living abroad for the last Three years.
He has escaped the country after ruining his brother’s good name and business for a scoop and has been guilt tripping about it ever since his family has disowned him.
Lee Jong-shin, Hwa-shin’s older brother was once a successful businessman but is now a drunk, who is twice divorced and is raising his daughter, Red, on his own.
Jong-shin’s first wife, Kye Sung-sook is Red’ mother, once a reporter and now an anchorwoman at SBC.
Bang Ja-young, Jong-shin’s second ex-wife is a chief announcer at SBC and is Sung-sook’s superior.
The two women have lost connection with Red and are bitter rivals at work.
Lee Ppal-gang (AKA Red) is Sung-sook and Jong-shin’s daughter.
She loves her father and seeing him ruined, has caused her to become a troubled kid and a bad student who is last not only in her class but in the whole school.
Red is Chi-yeol and Oh Dae-goo’s classmate and they are also neighbors and best friends.
Kim Rak is a chef and the owner of Rak restaurant, he is Na-ri’s landlord and cares for her, her brother and his friends as if they were his own family.
When Ja-young and Sung-sook move in with Red, they compete for Rak’s heart.
When the chance to help a broadcast in Thailand presents itself, Na-ri offers to join the news team as a jack of all trades – A hair stylist, dresser and makeup artist.
On the plane, Na-ri takes Go Jung-won‘s place and he falls in love with her at first sight.
Jung-won is a rich and handsome chebol, he is also Hwa-shin’s best friend and soul brother from youth.
At the airport in Thailand, Na-ri bumps into Hwa-shin. Oh joy, he treats her like dirt.
While forcing Hwa-shin to dress up for his broadcast, Na-ri accidentally touches his chest and thinks that she can feel a lump.
Being the granddaughter and daughter of cancer patients, Na-ri is worried about Hwa-shin.
Jung-won and Na-ri meet again on set, when he comes to visit Hwa-shin and they get to spend some time together.
Hwa-shin has returned to Korea and face the implications of his treacherous scoop against his brother.
When Jong-shin drinks too much and falls down the stairs, sustains a blow to the head and is hospitalized in a coma, Red’s friends rush in to help her cope and her mother’s resume connection.
Na-ri plans on filling the free national recruitment form and reapplying for an anchorwoman’s spot but before she manages to do it, she is tricked by a fellow weather girl and shows up drunk to work, which results in her dismissal.
Jung-won gets hold of Na-ri’s cellular phone number and asks his secretary to call her up and complain about the weather forecast, after Na-ri has told him on the plane, that she dreams of having someone call her up and complain, as a proof that someone watches her weather broadcasts.
Despite Na-ri’s warnings, Hwa-shin doesn’t think that a man can get breast cancer but has a reality check when he has a checkup after a car accident, and discovers that the lump in his chest in cancerous.
Na-ri has a benign lump that needs removal and she finds herself recovering from the procedure, in the same hospital room as Hwa-shin.
Meanwhile at SBC, Na-ri’s drunken weather report, has high ratings and they want her to come back to work at once.
Despite the fact that she went through an operation, Na-ri makes her way from the hospital to the station, where she manages to complete her bit and then faints in the arms of Jung-won, who takes her back to the hospital.
When Jong-shin dies at the hospital, after a phone call to Hwa-shin and a note that he leaves for Rak, Sung-soo and Ja-young, are busy looking for Red and at last, find out where she lives after meeting Rak.
Rak knows that Jong-shin’s note gives instructions as to which mother should take care of Red but he decides to check and see for himself who is the best mother.
Ja-young and Sung-soo both decide to move in with the very reluctant Red and take care of her.
Since Na-ri is the only one who knows about Hwa-shin’s condition, she is the only one who tries to take care of him.
While trying to fight his developing feelings for her, Hwas-sin, sets up a date between Na-ri and Jung-won and has to watch as his best friend and the woman that he likes, start dating.
Will Hwa-shin betray his best friend and try to win Na-ri’s heart, after despising and rejecting her for Three years?
Not knowing that Rak has a problem with the ladies and is interested in them just because of the note, Sung-soo and Ja-young, both develop a crush on him.
As it happens, Rak is Jung-woon’s uncle and Kim Tae-ra, Jung-woon’s mother is trying to help a problem that he has with special pills.
The pills seem to work and Rak is now interested in Red’s two mothers.
Which one will he end up with, if at all?
What I liked about this series –
Apart from Hwa-shin’s illness, there aren’t any secrets and problems are usually taken care of quickly enough. Even the much expected “I am sick so I’m going to disappear without saying anything and leave you all alone/behave as if I hate you all of a sudden and breakup with you, without telling you the real reason behind it” is being avoided.
Hwa-shin and Jung-woon are true friends and they are honest with each other and with Na-ri and this series doesn’t have the all too familiar “best friend who turns into a hateful person so the heroine’s choice is obvious and easy” syndrome.
This drama starts off with the very strange feeling that Gong Hyo-jin is playing the same, weird and annoying character that she has played in “Master’s sun” (minus the whole seeing ghosts deal).
Soon enough, though, an explanation is offered for her strange behavior and this turns into a very nice series that has some serious themes along with the usual lovey dovey one.
What I didn’t like –
Why, oh why does Na-ri keep on touching Hwa-shin’s chest with no explanation? Explain why you are doing it and then just stop.
The strange song at the wedding.
Jo Jung-suk is very cute when he dances and sings but it looked like they really just wanted him to sing so the OST can sell well and didn’t have any other excuse to have him perform like this, at any other part of the series.
Hwa-shin’s betrayal seems a bit strange. Didn’t he know that advertising such a scandal in the news will ruin his brother? If he did, he is not much of a brother so why bother to come back and search for his niece?
Hwa-shin is portrayed as a real asshole right from the start – He is rude to some guy because he wants his shirt and his girl, he is being very rude and cruel to Na-ri when she has a crush on him and then, when they are dating and she has chosen him over Jung-woon, he drops her out of the election broadcast in favor of someone else.
Jung-woon blames Hwa-shin for not telling Na-ri that he was not interested in her and letting her continue with her one-sided love for him but really, I think that Na-ri could have figured it by herself since Hwa-shin didn’t hide his contempt and dislike for her.
The story between Rak and the mothers is not fully developed, which is a shame.
Favorite moment 1 – Hwa-shin is having his breast examined. This bit has actually made me burst into laughter.
Favorite moment 2 – Hwa-shin and Na-ri’s bra discussion.
Favorite moment 3 – Jung-won spoons Hwa-shin
Favorite moment 4 – Jung-woon drags Hwa-shin on the beach, while Na-ri happily collects octopuses.
Favorite moment 4 – Hwa-shin asks the women of SBC to date him.
favorite moment 5 – A sweet and funny bed scene. Turtlenecks are so annoying 😀 .

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