You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin or You Are the Best! or Choegoda Yi Sun-sin or 최고다 이순신 (2013)

Kim Jung-ae and Lee Chang-hoon have Three daughters:
Mild natured Lee Hye-shin is the eldest one.
She moves back home with her daughter, Han Woo-joo, after spending Seven years in Hong Kong with her immature husband, who cheated on her.
Now that they are divorced, she’s afraid to tell her family about it.

Lee Yoo-shin is the second daughter, she’s smart and beautiful and has a good job, she’s also tends to be very selfish and even cruel to her little sister.
Despite casually dating, she’s into being a career woman and not into getting married.

Lee Soon-shin, the youngest is not considered to be beautiful like her older sisters, despite trying her best, she can’t get a proper job and instead finds a temp job as a waitress.
Soon-shin has a crush on Park Chan-woo, her neighbor and best friend’s brother, who’s also a dermatologist, but Chan-woo is interested in Yoo-shin, who’s makes fun of his feelings.

Jang Gil-ja and Park Bok-man are Chan-woo’s parents and good friends with the Lee family.
Gil-ja is a strong, opinionated woman, who didn’t have an easy life.
She started a chicken restaurant to support her family, that was poor for years because Bok-man was unlucky and lazy when it came to jobs.
Shin Joon-ho used to be a singer and musician and now he has his own own company, Gabi Entertainment.
At a grand comeback event for Song Mi-ryung a veteran actress and his company’s first client, Joon-ho tries to impress an old love of his, Choi Yeon-ah, an ex figure skater, who turned actress, but ends up embarrassing himself when poor Soon-shin runs into him with a tray full of food.
When her manager demands that she apologize, Joon-ho demands that she’ll be fired.
After a frustrating lunch with Park Chan-mi, her best friend and Chan-woo’s sister, Soon-shin gets an offer to become an actress from a swindler who presents himself as Joon-ho and gives her his card.
Shin Dong-hyuk, Joon-ho’s father owns a hospital and is not pleased with his son’s profession.
He’s afraid that his son will marry an actress so he arranges blind dates for him but Joon-ho is not interested in any of the women that he goes out with.
Soon-shin comes home and tells her family about the offer that she got from Gabi’s CEO but she is met with Yoo-shin’s mockery and her father’s refusal.
Hye-shin supports her and Jung-ae decides to help her and sets a meeting with the man they both think is Joon-ho.
While they are at the restaurant with the swindler, Soon-shin bumps into the real Joon-ho who has a meeting with Yeon-ah.
Yeon-ah asks Joon-ho to let her manage Mi-ryung in the new agency that she plans on opening but is met with a refusal.
Soon-shin finds out to her horror that Kim Kwang-kyu, the swindler, has taken a huge loan on her name and now she has to pay it back but luckily, she is offered a waitress job at Black Smith restaurant that’s situated on the ground floor of ‘Gabi’ and is owned by Joon-ho’s best friend, Kim Young-hoon.
She starts working there in hope that the swindler will return to the scene of the crime and gets bullied by Go Jae-bum, a waiter who thinks that all the girls are in love with him.
When the swindler finally re-appears, Soon-shin chases him and almost gets ran over by no other than Joon-ho who is on his way to yet another meeting with Yeon-ah.
Since she lost sight of swindler man, she bursts into tears and blames Joon-ho for her misfortune.
In a meeting with Yeon-ah, Joon-ho tells her that she shouldn’t open her own agency but join his and offers her a contract.
Yeon-ah claims that she doesn’t trust him but is willing to sign the contract if he manages to make Soon-shin into a superstar.
After Mi-ryung gets rid of Hwang Il-do, her corrupt manager, he gets drunk and tells a reporter a secret from her youth, when he sobers up he regrets everything that he said but it’s already too late and the rumor spreads.
Mi-ryung thinks that Chang Hoon might have spread the rumor, being one of the only Two people who knew about it.
A meeting on the street between Mi-ryung and Chang Hoon, ends in a tragic accident.
Shin Yi-jung is Joon-ho’s spoiled younger sister, she decides to leave school and come back home in hope of becoming an actress (with the kind help of her brother).
Dong-hyuk, her father doesn’t like the idea, he talks with Mi-ryung (his wife’s friend) and asks her to discourage his daughter from pursuing an acting career.
When Soon-shin signs a contract with ‘Gabi’, Joon-ho sends her to get acting lessons with Mi-ryung and Mi-ryung’s plan to discourage Yi-jung from becoming an actress, by constantly complimenting Soon-shin, changes when she sees a real acting potential there.
meanwhile, Joon-ho gets attached to his new actress and tries to convince Jung-ae to allow here to take acting lessons but Jung-ae, who has just discovered a devastating discovery, refuses and kicks Soon-shin out.
Seo Jin-wook manages and is a baker of a nearby bakery, he has a crush on Hye-shin but Woo-joo gives him a hard time.
After the Lee’s renovate their storage room, he rents it and moves in.

Who will end up winning the bet, Joon-ho or Yeon-ah? Will Soon-shin turn into an actress and will Chan-woo manage to win Yoo-shin’s heart?
Will Hye-shin ever tell her parents that she’s divorced and when will she start controlling her annoying and spoiled kid?

Why did I like it: IU is adorable and Shin Joon-ho is great, they have a good chemistry and are very entertaining.
Despite a few glitches, Kim Jung-ae has an amazing relationship with Soon-shin.
It’s actually the first series that I’ve watched where the elderly mother takes such a big part in the plot.
Usually, the mothers are somewhere in the background, either rich and cruel, controlling and sabotaging the love story or poor and weak, being helped by their daughters or sons or, of course, dead in a tragic accident, before or during the series but here, we have an interesting, strong woman and we get to see how she handles raising her daughters and dealing with the dramas and crises along the way.
Why didn’t I like it:
It was waaaay too long and many things were repeated again and again, like the grandmother’s complaints, Gil-ja’s irrational behavior or Hye-shin being amazingly weak against her rude ex-husband’s behavior, I also didn’t like at all the way Soon-shin just gave in to Mi-ryung controlling ways and why did Mi-ryung have to be so cruel to the Lees? It’s not like they did anything wrong.

Favorite moment 1 – Joon-ho asks Soon-shin to call him up because he wants to get rid of his blind date.
Favorite moment 2 – Go Jae-bum thinks that Soon-shin is in love with him.
Favorite moment 3 – Soon-shin discovers who the real Joon-ho is. It’s a really touching moment.
Favorite moment 4 – Jin-wook helps Hye-shin to deal with her anger and frustration by kneading dough
Favorite moment 5 – Joon-ho takes Soon-shin’s hand after the truth about her mother is discovered. It’s short but it’s one of the most genuine moments that I’ve seen in a drama.
Favorite moment 6 – Joon-ho and Soon-shin make a pinky promise

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